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Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Most Important Things To Pay Serious Attention To

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A lot of things happen in our lives on a daily basis – whether as teenagers or adults. The more we pass by each day, the more we are faced with some situations and decisions that are not usually easy and cool. But in the midst of all of these, some things are most important and you need to prioritise them.
Whether you are doing something for yourself, for a friend or because of a situation you find yourself in, you really need to check these boxes. Many people do not get these points early and they sink so much in the many negativities around that they lose it all. So here we go…Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Most Important Things To Pay Serious Attention To
1. Your health: health is wealth, it is very paramount. If the health is not strong, every other activities to be carried out will be altered. So in all  you do, pay attention to your health – mentally, physically and in every other form – ensure you feel well!
2. Your skin: the skin is the largest organ of the human body covering up some really delicate and non-exposable. organs. Aside this, your skin says a lot about you – if you are happy, sad or malnourished. It is an item of pride to you and of beauty as a matter of fact, cherish and nourish it. Diary Of A Naija Teen: 5 Most Important Things To Pay Serious Attention To
3. Your happiness: this really should come after your health but this list is not in a particular . Life is too short and delicate for you to stay unhappy or in unhappy situations. Amidst all the insanity of life, choose to be happy and content with yourself. Live life, have fun, forgive, STAY HAPPY! Even when the hard times come, it is okay to shed some tears and BOUNCE BACK HAPPY!
4. Your goals: very paramount! Everyone has goals, purposes, objectives, ambitions and mission he wants to achieve. The earlier you realise them and start acting towards them, the better as it will help you avoid some life mistakes and shape your journey. While it is good having goals, do not limit yourself. Discover all of who you are and expend all of them for your good. Life will not bring things to you on a platter of gold, many times, you have to work hard to deserve it.
5. Your integrity: everyone has that one thing or things, value or values that they are known for and these, go a very long way in the opportunities that will be made available to them. Having strong principles that guide your actions are a true reflection of the kind of person you are, so find the you in you and build your integrity.Photos Credit: Getty

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