Thursday, December 1, 2022

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Coded Ways To Avoid Buying Valentine Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is exactly 7 days away from today and its gradually gaining momentum  and am pretty sure the ladies have started sending some undertone messages of what they want for valentine, But hey SNG have got you covered and you shouldn’t be scared, remember before we go any further if you’re in a really serious relationship and you pass as  a lover boy then you have no reason to be here except u intend to break-up with your girl or you’re too broke to get her something and she doesn’t realize it and she is still pressuring you to get her something you can’t afford then you shouldn’t even be that relationship in the first place. Now everywhere you look both online and malls around you there are adverts placed in strategic positions to get your attention and meant to pressure your thinking to you buy her that Red hearts chocolate box, the red Valentine bags, red roses, red candy boxes, and red wine now actually this are not bad ideas for a romantic, but this is not the place to get such advice, if that is what you’re looking for please leave…. Now to the proper Sharp Naija Guys out there:

  1. Go Out On Date Before Valentine: Now this might sound like you’re still celebrating Valentine or planning for it rather what you’ve done or the message here is that you’re not celebrating the idea of love, or celebrating love with her rather you just here for a while and for the ride, Yeah Naija guys have always done the valentine thing go out with their lady with both mates dressed all red and white looking like they celebrating “Sango” festival. Guy code takes her out before val, that way you’ve got an excuse for not going out or buying her any gifts for Val.
  2. Buy A Couple Of Gifts Just Before Valentine: Yeah the whole of Val like already discussed earlier is to exchange gifts and profess your feelings and affections of love to a lady you love or want to be in a relationship with, but here on SNG we don’t do that we are we live the free-spirited life never to be held down, but somethings we need the regular smash once you know you have that and your lady as started taking it seriously and Valentine is around the corner and you still want her around for the smash but wants to avoid the Valentine fever, buy her a couple of gifts a week before Valentine don’t and on valentine’s day do not go out with I repeat do not go out with her until at least a week or two after. Do not buy her red roses, nor Heart-shaped box of chocolate nor a body deodorant nothing to intimate… the gift you’re getting her must send a message in some way to say we’re mutual.
  3. Get In A Fight With her: Now this sounds a bit over the top, and seems to be the oldest trick in the book but it is actually very effective. Since you still intend to have her one or more smash with her pick up a fight with her over a randomly over less important things and you can use that to hold grudges, but do not do this a week before or just a day before this is a pattern and must be practiced religiously pick the fight 3 days before Val and try as much as possible to avoid talking to her on all mediums of communication the following day, then reconnect with on the night of Valentine while she’s feeling vulnerable and wants to fill loved the you don’t get her any gift nor take her out but you get to have her back and still get a pretty decent smash off it.
  4. Break Connection With her: Just as explained in the “Get in a fight with her” now this is actually a dangerous one because it could lead to other series of fights but if you play your card well then you might get a fantastic smash of this too but only after Valentine. Now breaking connections with her must have a background story to why you doing it first is it works, or she did something to you and you couldn’t handle her drama and that made you decide you need a break away from her, break connection once you can come with a reason as your background story for doing it this also has to be done not to close or to far from Valentine’s day this act should be kicked off 5-4 days before Val… When she calls or chat you don’t pick up or reply her, then wait until very late in the night when she probably is tired or not ready to talk, to talk and you play your background story card, something like has been busy with work, I don’t like this particular attitude”. But if she is a night person then make it a morning thing to call back you dig.
  5. Fall Sick: Now this is more like the reconciliation trick/card to get her back after the Valentine charade, but also it can also work in your favour to avoid buying her gifts or taking her out too for Valentine, am sick I can’t go anywhere… We can make it next week or next time I guess…  Please don’t use my lines they are licensed.
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I hope everyone who stumbles upon this article finds them useful and enjoy it. I repeat if you’re in a relationship please do not use, or if you’re in a relationship where you’ve been identified previously as a liar, I advice thread with caution… Until next week I come your way I hope by then my truly shape Naija Guys would have planned a and a strategy to stay away from Val and stay fresh I hope to get feedback on this. Photo Credit: Getty


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