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That Sharp Naija Guy: 10 Ways For A Guy To Identify An Easy Smash

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My personal belief is ALL women are easy in the right situation with the right energy from the man. All women may be easy, but some are just easier than others. As I go through my daily life I am always evaluating people – men and women. I judge the men to determine just how confident and Alpha they are, and I judge the women on how naturally attractive and sexual they are. With that, this is my list of how to identify Easy To Smash Traits in ladies and women. These are signs that make you know who is easy or not BEFORE you have sex with her, and may not include “Proper Sluts” I mean in local parlance “Olosho”. We live in a fluid world, and while in general, these are true, they are not 100%. But the more of these signs you see in a girl, the more your Alpha, masculine and confident side will easily open her legs…

  1. She’s An Attention Whore: well I guess some would say all women are attention seekers, wouldn’t it? Kidding aside (though not really kidding) women who seek constant attention (especially male attention) are looking for something. Particularly something in men. If a girl has a social media account that she uses to get validation and attention most especially from men it’s a good bet that she’s easy. A perfect example of this In the Naija Context are the Slay Queens, Always posting sexually seductive pictures on their social media pages, like Instagram, WhatsApp And Twitter. Another example are the IG Models and Strippers this are women not exactly known for their chastity.
  2. Girls With Daddy Issues: Another quick pointer of an easy smash girl is a lady that seems to have “Daddy Issues”. I know this might seem a theory not meant for the Naija settings, but believe me A girl’s relationship with her father is going to have the biggest impact on how she relates to other men. When a girl has had a poor or absent relationship with her father she is going to seek “daddy” somewhere else. Usually in men after man after man. Girls with daddy issues try to seek fulfillment through sex with men. Hoping that they’ll get what they never got in childhood.
  3. Girl’s That Do Drugs: Personally, I don’t have much use for illegal or hard drugs, nor have I ever done them. All of the girls that I have met or been with that do these types of drugs are easy, Damn easy. The girls I have known that do Ecstasy, Cocaine, Rohypnol, GHB, Valium, Oxycodone (or other pain pill), Adderall, etc. are damn very easy. Girls that do Meth, crack, heroine, shrooms, LSD, etc. are the easiest.
  4. Single Mothers/ Divorced Women: Women/ Widows that lost their husband to a horrible accident or are in the Military don’t count nor qualify for my analysis. Single Mothers are usually either single mothers by choice (they left the nice guy) or they made a very poor life decision getting knocked up by the “bad boy” adrenaline junkie and then couldn’t keep him around. If she is a single mother with kids from more than one father she might as well have a sign out on her head saying we “Open for Business” Or “Now serving…..” If she doesn’t know who the dad is I suggest you only let her give you a “Bj”. 70% of divorces are initiated by the woman, so the divorced woman falls into this as well. Both of these types of women are usually starved for fun, excitement and a break from real life making them extremely easy. Personally, there are enough girls in the world, and I stay away from these situations, but the opportunity presents itself all the time.
  5. Girls That Smokes: A girl that smokes cigarettes, cloves or vaps is fairly easy. If she also smokes pot, you can bet she has her fairly easy side. A girl that smokes crack, meth or anything in that world is extremely easy, but probably not worth the risk, approach at your own risk.
  6. Girls That Drinks: If she drinks beer, she is likely a party girl and easy. If she drinks red or white wine, but it is the cheap blend and she doesn’t know what it is, she is easy. If she adds in the shot of Johnny Walker, Southern Comfort or other bourbon/whiskey, the easier she is but hangs out at expensive bars. Girls that drinks like a man can, and actually is an alcoholic that is an even easier girl but she’s carrying whole lot of baggage. Most girls that buy complicated, fruity or otherwise difficult drinks to make may or may not be easy, but they are high maintenance.
  7. Girls Whose Father Is A Pastor, Deacon Or A Religious Leader: While this rule does not hold true across the entire religious community, the girls that had very controlling, religious and strict fathers were always starved for some sexualized masculine energy. Without exception they have been easy and available.
  8. Girls with Tattoos And Piercings: While many men know the Tattoo tell. The tattoo, in general, can give you a gauge on how easy she is. In general, the lower the quality of the tattoo, the easier she is.
    The little ankle or foot tattoo is not much of a tell.
    A small wrist or forearm tattoo she is beginning to show her easy side.
    If she has the traditional lower back tattoo, she is moderately easy.
    If she is sporting a full sleeve, but it is very professionally done, she is easier than the Toyin Aimakhu, but just barely.
    If she is displaying 3-7 random disjointed tattoos on her arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc. Her p**sy is probabaly wider than that of Madonna, she is even easier.
    If the back of her legs are tattooed she is basically inviting you in.
    If she has erogenous zone tattoos (on her breast, butt, inner thigh, and very low abdomen) she is easy and craves a powerful man, A proper smasher
    If she has another man’s name tattooed on her body you can bet she is easy.
  9. The Ugly girl in the group, And the least popular:What do you think she brings to the table to have all of these “famous” and “Beautiful” friends, even if they are only local celebrities? She is the fun girl that everyone wants around, which usually means easy. I have only met a few of these girls, but they have all been very free with their body. One obvious trait of such a lady is her low-self esteem
  10. Girls That Don’t Mind Urinating In Public:

    Any university or adventurous man that has spent any time on the main street of clubs, or attends alot of University parties, or other types of environment that has lots of men and women in a party atmosphere knows this one. The girls that will just drop their pants and piss in any corner or the slightest cover of the dark are always easy. Make them shower first before you smash. I will also say the girls that do this are either the hottest, Alpha dating girls, or the girls I wouldn’t fuck with my worst enemies dick. I haven’t seen many girls in the middle do this, so I think the hot girls do it as a shit test.

  11. Girls who Are Always posting things About Guys On Their Social Media: “I’m tired of guys playing games…” “I am not looking for a sex, just a friend”
    “… Now I’m ready to settle down.”
    “I was a wild teen…”
    “Players need not apply…”
    You get the idea.
    This is an easy girl that just found out she couldn’t hold another guy. She is easy and uses her sexuality to fit in and be liked.

So if you out looking for an Easy smash this are some of the traits you should look out for, smash and bounce, this are no keepers. Because While, most guys would think “She’s easy great!” these women are also the most drama-filled and psychologically unstable women that you will find….If you stay you do at your own peril well except if its just for the quickie😉 Photo Credit: Getty

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