That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Places To Score Easy Dates

Places to go to score easy dates…Hey guys and welcome back to another week of the Sharp Naija Guy gist, over the last few months we’ve concentrated on just giving tips and advice, but today I will be discussing a subject that isn’t particularly an advice nor tips perse but rather just something I have observed about guys and I also have a friend who is a huge culprit. Yeah yeah, why should you be interested in my personal gist well you should be as a sharp Naija guy because one thing is for sure you will learn a thing or two you know. Score Easy Dates

So normally I hang out on the weekends with my friends and we run together a side thingy hustle, call it whatever, note it is a legit side thing. So while we were together we all got talking and started talking about this particular friend of ours who we all have never seen walk up to a girl in public, he will always downplay their looks or beauty always ready with one excuse or the other.
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However, he is always in my dm or even personally asking me to matchmake him, give him girls contact even though some of these girls might not necessarily be as beautiful as the one we see in public and ask him to walk up to.

I can’t post a female friend or colleague on my social media pages, be it for a birthdays, or whatever, he is always the first to be in my DM asking for their contacts, asking that i set him up with the ladies. So I got thinking and was like dude why do you find it difficult to walk up to girls in public but would rather want me to give you their contacts, set the whole thing up for you and you just come and feast without really doing the work.

Well, he never gave me a reply so I got think and made up my mind not to set him up with girls anymore and whenever he asks I just turn him down, but lately I finally found out he just doesn’t know to start a conversation and break the dock, also he is dire of the knowledge of the right places to score easy dates.

Three glamorous girls enjoying themselves while dancing in night club

Well Flexxy this is me doing this for the last time, here in this article are 5 sure bankers of places for you to score easy dates and when next we’re out together I am pushing you off your butt to walk up to any girl you admire and look at for more than 10-secs, you must talk to the girl and get her contact and follow-through, capish!

  1. Wedding Parties:
    Weddings are one of the easiest places to get girls. The mushy feelings of them seeing another girl get hooked always get them to be less defensive and open and willing to give their contacts out. Also you as a guy going to a wedding you’re well dressed which helps exude confidence, also if you’re on native well you have half of the work done, Freshly baked Yoruba demon. So wedding parties attend for the girls even if you’re not invited.
  2. Clubs:
    Well, know this and know the truth nobody goes to a club to be angry. Especially when you see a group of ladies out partying or having fun well get in there and pick a number you might even get lucky that night and smash on a one night stand. You can’t say you’re single and spend most time locked up in the house dude go out, mingle have fun. It’s December you know let off some steam and have fun.
  3. Buses:
    Well, i don’t know where you’ve been living if you’ve never scored a girls number while in a Lagos bus before. Come on stop gawking and make a move.
  4. Beach:
    Yes the beach just like the club, is another prime location to get girls, loads and loads of them.
  5. Concerts/Music Shows:
    And right here is the holy grail, any girl you see at a particular music concert and you can get her contact bro you’ve done half the work already for a fact you’re a fan of their type of music or you seem to both share the same taste of music that’s a huge turn-on for any girl. So yes concerts and music shows is a pitch shot at scoring easy pussy….Score Easy Dates

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The 5 places aren’t the only places to score easy dates, there are loads of other places, like the Church, malls, parks and eateries/restaurants but the difference is that these other places have holdbacks and they could be out in these places with a date. But the 5 places mentioned above ladies go to these places looking to let loose, have fun and a lot of times without dates or with another guy. So do what you might with this information.

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