Wednesday, December 1, 2021

That Sharp Naija Guy: 4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Current Gf Be Friends With Your Ex

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The ex-lover situation is a very sticky and messy thingy that a lot of guys find quite difficult to manage. One truth is that no girlfriend wants to be friends with the lover’s ex but they always want to know them. Most of the time to see if they’re a downgrade or an upgrade to who he used to be with, for this very same reason is another reason why you should allow your current girlfriend to be friends with your ex, if not friends at least good acquittances. Friends

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This is some sense could be used for numerous reasons, be it revenge, be precautionary and just for a crash course on what it’s like dating you. Below are;

  1. To Make Your Ex Jealous:
    Now first reason will be out of a mission to get back to your ex or for sweet revenge or even spite. Especially if your current lady is way better looking, smarter or just way out of her league in all ramifications. Now this is to show her you’ve moved on from her and you did in style, you could tow this line especially when your ex hurt you or cheated on you while you were together.
  2. So She Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Her Time With You:
    Now, this could be so if you and your ex broke on a mutual understanding ground and you both have moved well and you both are cool friends with no sexual tension between you both. Also, another reason for this under this point is for her to learn some stuff about you or things you do in a relationship and you want her to get that information coming from a woman’s angle.
  3. To Help Maintain A Cordial Relationship Especially If You Both Work In the Same Place:
    Now, this point is for those who work together with their exes. It is really important to look for a way to create a cordial trusting relationship with yourself, your current partner and your ex. So that they don’t go get suspicious of each of your activities at the workplace, which could lead to a lot of unhealthy situations between yourself, your partner and your Ex. You need to be mature enough to talk to your Ex on boundaries and respect for your new relationship.
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  4. To Make Sure You Never Relapse:
    And finally, if you’re in fear of relapsing, wanting to go back to your Ex, well this is a psychological trick you could play on yourself. Introduce them and try to make them be friends so as to help prevent the relapse and help protect your new relationship.
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