Saturday, February 4, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: 4 Things Women Want You To Do But Will Never Tell You

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#Things Women Want But Will Never Tell You...Women are extremely complicated beings. They are so complicated that sometimes they themselves don’t know what they want, even though I might be the love doctor even I don’t know everything women want but I can assure you that the 4 things I will discuss in this article are things every woman wants but will never tell you. Things Women Want

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  1. Women Will Never Tell You When To Approach Them:
    Brothers never expect a woman to tell you or officially give you a go-ahead to approach them to ask them out. As the popular saying goes if you want something you would have to go for it by yourself. So know this no matter how much a woman likes you she will never tell you when to approach her but she might leave cues and hints for you to make the bold step. So never wait, if you want her then go for it. Just make sure you do it smartly, and with a chill vibe.

    Things Women Want But Never Say
  2. Never Expect A Woman To Tell You How To Approach Her: 
    Come on brother, you’ve seen a woman you like a lot and would love to be with her or go on a date with her, but you’re not sure how to approach her. Well, the number one ingredient is confidence.

    Things Women Want But Never Tell You

    When you fall short or you are not completely feeling yourself what you can do is just psyche yourself up with the good memories from your past life you can pull up from your past, and tell yourself why you’re an attractive person and tell yourself you deserve a chance to be with such a beautiful lady and walk up to her calmly introduce yourself and steal that moment from her forever. Also when you intend to be or approach a woman, dress well, look good and smell good and half of the job is done already.

  3. Never Expect A Woman To Tell You To Stay: 
    So you just started dating and a particular girl and you visit her, and you’re not sure if she wants you to stay over or spend the night, well don’t expect her to come out outrightly to say it. You would just have to notice her cues, gestures and hints she might drop those things will give you enough clues if she wants you to stay or leave.
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  4. And Finally, Never Expect A Girl To Say Take My Number! Gbam

These are 4 sneak peek of things women want but never tell I can assure you. So that’s it for this week see you next time.

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