Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Rema’s Manager, Sean Okeke Responds to DJ Neptune’s Statement

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Rema’s manager Sean Okeke has responded to the statement by popular Disc Jockey DJ Neptune over the song saga involving the DJ and the Dumebi singer. The drama started yesterday when the hitmaker took to his official Twitter account on Friday to drag the singer for releasing their collaboration, titled For You, without his consent.

Rema's Manager, Sean Okeke Responds to DJ Neptune's statement Neptune has now come out to clarify the issue sharing that he had indeed gotten permission from the artist’s management before going ahead to release the song on his second studio album, Greatness 2.0, on Friday. The DJ shared pictures of chats between himself, and Rema’s manager, Sean Okeke, showing that he was given the green light to publish the song and also make preparations for a music video.

Rema’s manager Sean Okeke has now also come out to issue a statement on the issue clarifying what transpired on the song issue. He shared that he and the DJ had conversations regarding the said collaboration as well as the song release.
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He explained that the artist did not feel the song was good enough and would require some brushing up and urged the team to communicate the same with Neptune.  Sean explained that he made it known to DJ Neptune sometime during our conversation that the song can’t come out again as we don’t have any more free release window available for the song and that the artiste also feels the song is already old hence we don’t want it out there.

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He noted that since an official approval was not released nor split sheets signed, he felt the song won’t be released anymore. He went on to apologize to all parties involved and seek a peaceful resolution of the matter with the song in question.

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