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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Sweet Catchphrases That Can Be Used To Show “Commitment” To A Lady

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Catchphrases That Can Be Used To Show “Commitment” To A LADY…Every woman to a large extent loves to hear words of affirmation and assurance, and compliments from time to time even though it might not particularly be their own love language. But none do they intend to hear more than words of commitments to show your devotion to them.

As a Gee who plans to help another G out on how to stay ahead of the game. It is recognised that some ladies before they can go out with you or let you into their pants they love to hear it out loud from a guy saying or use some words of commitment and assurance.
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Catchphrases To Show "Commitment" To A Lady
5 Sweet Catchphrases To Show “Commitment” To A Lady

However, this article intends to let you in on some particularly unique catchphrases that can be used to show commitment to a lady but are also not indicting or damning against any religious believes or even in contempt of karma later.

  1. I Swear By The Moon And By The Stars, In The Skies Tonight, To Not Ever Do You Wrong Or Go Astray of Our love and commitment
  2. Commitment To Always Fight For Us Even When It Seems Most Bleak And Impossible
  3. I Will Only Stop Trying To Fight For You Only When Stop Trying Also And Believe No More In Our Love
  4. You’re A Desire That Burns Deep From Within My Soul, One I Intend To Cherish Till The End Of My Days
  5.  Decisions, Without Commitments, Is The Reason For Failed Promises, The Decision To Hold You And Always Want You Is My Only reason for sustenance.
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5 Sweet Catchphrases To Show “Commitment” To A Lady

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Now These are 5 sweet catchphrases and sentences meant to be used to show commitment and can also pass as words of assurance and affirmation. But don’t limit yourself to just these phrases alone you can con them to suit your own specific situations.

However, remember to observe the protocols used in creating the above 5, never used things that seem too ambiguous and unrealistic, also no need to use religious beliefs to make commitments because most times they backfire and come with repercussions. So why put your life in way of such dangers rather than just play by the rules of the Love Conductor and you will be dry free.

Also learn the right time to use these phrases, they aren’t to be wiped out at every turn. Timing is key in their use. Well, That will be all for this week see you next time.

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