Monday, December 11, 2023

Clergy Apologises For Comment On Obi Cubana’s Mom’s Burial

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Reverend Ntia I. Ntia, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Full Life Christian Centre, Akwa Ibom State, has withdrawn his criticism and statement he made regarding Obi Cubana‘s mom’s burial, saying his job is not to preach things that hurt.

Reverend Ntia had, during a session in his church, said the burial is a lavish one and the affluential acts displayed by Obi Cubana and his friends is the stupidity of illiteracy. “The place where you are standing to spray money, the road is not tarred…. Can’t you see the stupidity of illiteracy?”, he said.Clergy Apologises For Comment On Obi Cubana's Mom's BurialTaking back his words, however, Reverend Ntia said he watched obi Cubana’s interview with BBC and realised he is a good man that has a heart for the people. Stating that he is his in-law as his wife is also from Anambra, the clergy apologised for any hurt his statement might have cause Obi and his family.

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“I want to say something very important, but receive it with the right spirit”, he began. “On Sunday when I was preaching, I made some comments about a burial that was carried out, and yesterday, somebody sent me a clip of an interview that the man carried out with BBC. And in further reflection, those comments were very very harsh and unkind. Those comments did not reflect his heart, at all. Those comments did not reflect his attitude.”“Also, he’s my in-law, my wife is from Anambra State and he’s from Anambra State. So in further reflection, I want to say that the comment came out very wrong and totally prematurely. With further information, the lives that the man has affected, the people that he has lifted, the destiny that he has invested in…so I want to say sincerely, it is not my intention as a preacher to preach to cause hurt, pain or discredit anybody at all. Therefore, in any way those words might have caused harm or hurt, especially in the time of grief of burying a loved one, I sincerely apologize for such comments that came out of place, that came very wrong”.

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“In any way that words might have pained Obi Cubana or his family, which are my inlaws or his friends, please from this preacher’s heart , with all humility, I sincerely apologize for those comments and I’ve come to say that with the quality of person that he is, he has my respect 100%, we need more of such people who have a heart for people”, he added.

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