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Omoh X 1m! How I Dealt With My Husband And His 4 Side Chicks

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A Nigerian woman has left many dazed, with their mouths wide open and their thoughts running so fast in their minds as she narrated how she dealt with her cheating husband and his 4 side chicks.

Infidelity has been a long coming act in the marriage institution, both on the wife’s and husband’s side, and is gradually becoming a norm, especially on the men’s side. For the men’s, many have been sold and taught the “men are polygamous in nature, men will always be men” mentality, so much that they channel their energies in infidelity.

Omoh X 1m! How I Dealt With My Husband And His 4 Side Chics
Reno Omokri and his alleged side chic

In many cases, women are seen on the streets fighting their husband’s side chic. Some other who engage in their own drama and fight over social media, calling out the side pieces, putting out their information and asking them to leave their men alone. Some others, feel revengeful and so hurt that they hurt, wound or kill their husbands and/or the side chicks.

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This woman, however, channeled her energy in a totally different direction and many are already saying she needs to open a school where women can learn how to handle and deal with cheating husbands.
The woman had anonymously called in on Nigeria Info FM’s Sunny Side show, narrating how her husband had four side chicks, though he was a very good man to her and she lacked nothing.

Omoh X 1m! How I Dealt With My Husband And His 4 Side Chicks
Ali Baba and his alleged side chic

According to her, she had confronted her husband and rather than fight him, she only told him he would someday and one day, find what he is looking for, and when he does, she would remind him. This somehow propelled him to move his discussions and communications with his side chicks to his mail.

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Sooner or later, he was hit by stroke which took his arms, legs and speech, and that was when she realised he had moved his communication to mail, and got wind of how he would send money to his side chics. Discovering these, the woman said she printed them all out, including the alerts and filed them one after the other according to their names, awaiting the next line of action.

Omoh X 1m! How I Dealt With My Husband And His 4 Side Chicks
Woman beating husband’s side chick

On their return home, the husband was on diaper and static – could not move, then she struck but never violently. She showed her husband the evidences and he was shocked, couldn’t talk as a result of his condition and was only crying. She then went on to the second agenda of calling the side chicks one after the other, pretending to be her husband. Telling them the wife is in Canada with their two kids who were schooling there, she invited them over to the home. The side chicks apparently fell for it and made their way to the house. One, she said, brought a few clothes, with the hope of passing the week.

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On arrival, she shouted, “Baby”, right from the living room, to the surprise of the husband and when she saw that the wife was around, she was shocked, likewise the husband. The wife then asked her to sit, having locked the door with code, gave her her file and asked her to take care of their man for the whole day – changing his diaper, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, explaining that they enjoyed his money, good health and privates together, and will enjoy the stress of his failed health together. This, she said she did to the other three one after the other, and let them out by 7pm.

Omoh X 1m! How I Dealt With My Husband And His 4 Side Chicks

Following these rigorous exercises, the side chics one after the other blocked the man, and after he got better, he had been apologising to his wife, increased her upkeep and becoming the good boy he was when they met.

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The woman, whose narration shocked the presenters, added that she had no energy to fight and as an Igbo woman, cannot be suffered.TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: See Igboho’s House After It Was Invaded By Gunmen Photos Credit: Getty

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