I Don’t Have A Problem With His Wild Celebration, He Shouldn’t Have Been Fined-Marco Siva

Everton boss Marco Silva believes Liverpool counterpart Jurgen Klopp should not have been punished for running onto the pitch to celebrate Divock Origi’s late winner in Sunday’s Merseyside derby. Klopp described his actions as “not cool” after the match and on Tuesday accepted a Football Association charge of misconduct. But Silva stood up for the German, saying: “In that moment I didn’t see what Jurgen did. Now I saw and for me it’s not a matter. It’s the emotion of the game, it’s a normal situation. He’s celebrating. “It’s not something he has planned for sure. I don’t know if we had scored in that moment what would be my reaction. “Players celebrating with the fans, some of them taking their shirts off, Klopp or myself or the others celebrating with the fans or with one player, I think it’s part of the game and is something you can’t stop. It’s really important as well, even if sometimes you get fined, this passion in the game.” The Toffees boss, meanwhile, has been putting an arm around the shoulder of goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, whose mistake presented Origi with his match-winning chance. “He’s been working normally,” said Silva. “Jordan is a very good goalkeeper. He gave us many, many things in the past, and I’m sure in the future he’ll keep giving us good things as well. “Now is the moment for him to feel the support of all of us. I already did, I keep doing it. He’s a professional. He knows how football is. When he saves some penalties, everybody’s happy with him and it’s fantastic, now it’s something not normal. “It’s already (in the) past, he has to look forward to the next match. He’s a great character. He will show again his quality, I don’t have doubts about that, and we as a team should show our character again as well.” There is no opportunity for Pickford or anyone else at the club to dwell on the derby defeat, with Newcastle visiting Goodison Park on Wednesday. Silva is expecting a similar test to their last match at home, when they ground out victory over Cardiff, saying: “It will be a really tough match. “We play against a good side with a good manager. For sure they come with very good organisation and we have to be able to play with enough spirit and intensity to win the match, and with quality of course.” Photo Credit: Getty


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