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KOKO Docuseries: Yes It Is Possible To Evade The Repercussions That Come With Doing Money Ritual – Herbalist Reveals

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Herbalist Jinadu Lukman Kekereawo Balogun Iledi Awo of Osun state has come out to reveal that it is possible to evade the consequence that comes with doing money ritual herbalist

In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV, Kekereawo stated that there are some sacrifices a person who indulges in this act can do in order to wade off and push forward the calamities that might befall him when he does money ritual.
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He made this revelation when he was asked; what are the different types of repercussions/consequences that can come with money rituals? How does the herbalist cause repercussion for the doer? As I said the other time, some herbalists would do money ritual for someone and that money ritual is bigger than the person’s age because of what the herbalist would eat/gain. There are some rituals that if you are not up to 40 years, you must not get involved, but these days, the world has turned into yahoo. There is no kind of money ritual the youths of these days can’t get involved in, if they even tell the person that wants to d ritual that he is not up to 40 years, he will say, does that mean I cannot spend money! and this type of money ritual is the type that brings problem and calamity into one’s life. You’ll just hear that the person just died suddenly without being sick, may God not allow us die untimely death. Amidst these repercussions, which is the most common?
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As you can recall I said there are different types of money ritual, there are some that involve a sacrifice that won’t make the repercussion come quickly, but its not immediately after the money ritual is done that the sacrifice will be done. While some, if they do this type of money ritual, they will tell him the particular date to come back to perform the sacrifice. But some of these people, once the money has come, they will forget about the sacrifice that they are supposed to do, and some sacrifices are been done to wave away the repercussion. Is it possible to evade the repercussions attached to doing money rituals?
Yes its possible you do this and no repercussion will follow, but there are sacrifices you must have done. Watch the interview here;

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