Money Ritual: Herbalist Reveals The Difference Between Osole, Bibo Asiri And Ogun Owo

money ritual
Herbalist Jinadu Lukman Kekereawo Balogun Iledi Awo of Osun state has come out to disclose the difference between Ogun Owo, Bibo Asiri, and Osolo which are all types of money ritual

In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV Kerereawo stated that osole, bibo asiri and ogun owo are brothers who differ based on the things used to do them. He said this when he was asked what is the difference between money ritual and Bibo Asiri? He said, I would use something as an example, while some people pray that people who help people sacrifice should live long, others pray that in their lifetime, they don’t want to be involved in any sacrifice. There is a difference between them, basically, all of them is done for prayers. For example, look at our five fingers, they are different, Osole, Bibo Asiri, and Ogun Owo are the strongest.
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A lot of humans are always impatient, if he is asked to do Osole or Bibo Asiri, he will say no, he would say a friend of his has a lot of money and has been using it to disrespect him because he doesn’t have; that is why most people usually take the wrong step and say they want to do money ritual. Are you listening! Bibo Asiri has to do with someone having enough just to eat and clothe himself, but Osole seniors Bibo Asiri, the three of them are brothers, ie, Osole, Bibo Asiri, and Ogun Owo, however, Ogun Owo is highest among them. READ ALSO: Money Ritual: Not All Money Ritual Is Bad – Herbalist Reveals The Good & Bad Ones
Bibo Asiri is not really effective because it just has to do with a person having money to do something at the moment. But the impatient youths of these days have spoilt everything, now everyone does money ritual. Watch the interview here;

money ritual

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