Why Native Doctors Are Poor – Herbalist Reveals

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Prince Sunday Atoyebi Adetiloye has come out to reveal why most native doctors are poor in an exclusive interview with KOKO TV on KOKO Docuseries.
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The KOKO Docuseries so far have been centered on the act of money ritual and everything relating to it. Now the light is being shed on why the people who do this money ritual are poor irrespective of the fact that they know how to get this money.
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The herbalist made it known that because these native doctors who perform these rituals know the consequences attached to doing money ritual they rather abstain from doing it. He further stated that that is why before they do any money rItual someone they would bill the person and once the ritual is done, they would not collect any money from the person again, because they do not want to partake of the ritual money.
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The herbalist also pointed out that moreover how many houses, cars or properties did Jesus or Prophet Mohammed have. When asked why it is rare to see a native doctor that is wealthy? He replied, It’s not a taboo for a herbalist to have money, it’s not a taboo. It’s herbalists that are even supposed to ride good cars and live in mansions. But it’s not by power, ” he that knows the repercussion of a thing, would not want to get involved”. Herbalists know that if they use strong powers to get the money they know the repercussion. But the ones that want to do the money ritual, if the herbalist tells him the repercussion, he would still insist on doing it ignoring the consequence, because he wants to be rich. The herbalist knows what to do for such a person to get money, but he won’t want to do it because if he does any charm for him at that moment, the person and the herbalist together will get punished. That is why anyone that calls himself a good herbalist, must follow the path of Orunmila. Even the disciples of Obatala have a way they must follow. Even the Osun worshippers have a path they follow to get money. Herbalists know the danger that is ascribed to money rituals. Many people these days amaze me by going to meet herbalists, the herbalist might not have three houses or use big cars. But still, the herbalist won’t allow them to come back and give him money. He will charge them at once before performing the money ritual, that is where the person coming to do the ritual should have been suspicious that this will have repercussions. But children of nowadays, want to still go ahead and do money rituals irrespective of the evident consequences. We are at the end time. Watch the video below;

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