Savage! “Ghanaian Jollof Smells Like Perfume” – Nigerian Girl In Ghana

Savage comment passed by a Nigerian lady in Ghana on the Ghanian jolly has the internet buzzing with laughter. She actually said that Ghanian jolly smells like perfume.

Glory Osei who is currently on a vacation in Ghana, took to her Instagram page to give her savage opinion about Ghanian jollof. Here’s what she penned:

As a Nigerian in Nigeria you have no idea how much noise you consume until you get to a place like Accra and your ear is not about to explode because generator is a status symbol. The people here aren’t constantly in a hurry like Nigerians, I wonder where we always rushing to?. .
Honestly Accra is perfect for a city break if you don’t want to travel far. A one way ticket from Lagos to Accra is around N40,000-N50,000, and if you are resilient you can travel by road. .
I love this city and the people but I still won’t go anywhere near their jollof rice (I’m 100% in support of Nigerian jollof), I made an attempt few days ago but I just can’t handle perfumed rice?. I prefer my perfume on my clothes and not in my rice??.Photo location: Accra, Ghana.”

Savage Glory Osei said she prefers her perfume on her clothes not in her rice.  Lol, height of savagery.

Photo credit: Nigerianabroad



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