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Beauty DIY: Beauty Hacks To Looking Beautiful And Fabulous From Around The Globe

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A lot of us will have, at some point, experimented with a homemade beauty trick – cold teabags as an eye brightener, smashed avocado as a hydrating face mask, and so on. But you probably won’t be aware of the variety of beauty hacks being used and recommended all around the world.Research by has unearthed some unusual tips and tricks that are easy and affordable to try at home…

India: Turmeric

Turmeric seems to be the ingredient of the moment, but Indian women adopted it as a beauty treatment long ago, applying it as a mask for radiant skin. If you have oily skin, try mixing it with yoghurt and lemon juice, but if your skin is on the dry side it works best combined with coconut or olive oil. Be careful not to use too much though, as the pigment can stain.

France: Lemon juice

The French believe that soaking their nails in lemon juice for ten minutes removes any old polish stains, while keeping them in tip top condition.

Spain: Potatoes

For puffy or tired eyes, cool slices of potato are recommended in Spain. Leaving them to sit for ten minutes or so is intended to lighten the skin around your eyes.

Morocco: Argan Oil

You may have heard of Argan Oil, as the ingredient has begun to pop up in various hair, face and body products. Originally from Morocco, it’s known for its hydrating properties: just adding a few drops to hair is believed to tame and condition.

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Egypt: Milk & honey

Cleopatra’s bathing ritual is said to have included milk – she believed the lactic acid exfoliated and moisturised the skin. Honey was added as it was thought to have hydrating properties.

Dominican Republic: Garlic

In the Dominican Republic, garlic is believed to strenghten brittle nails. Minced fresh garlic is added to clear nail polish, left to sit for over a week, and then applied to nails. This beauty hack comes with a warning though, as the smell is said to be fairly rancid.

Mexico: Spoons

Who needs eyelash curlers? Women in Mexico use the back of a teaspoon as an eyelash curler and mascara primer. Try this trick by simply holding the back of the spoon behind your lashes and using your thumb to press the hairs against the spoon. Apply mascara to hold the shape.

Greece: Rosemary

In Greece women are known to rinse their hair with rosemary water, which is supposed to be a natural conditioner. They make herbal tea out of rosemary, and once cooled run it through their hair post-shampooing.

China: Rice water

Leftover water from cooking rice can be used as a facial cleanser, according to ancient Chinese herbal medicine – nutrients left in the water are believed to help lift oil and dirt from the skin.Photo Credit: Getty

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