Beauty: 5 Tips To Get Over Body Odour And Smelly Armpit

If there is something any KOKOBeauty will not love to have ever, it is body odour and/or a smelly armpit, especially in a world of spontaneous opportunities and first impressions. No matter how great a person might be, if they smell funny, they will surely repel people around them.
Body odour is said to be caused by the breakdown of the acids in the sweat by the bacteria on the skin. It is important to know that sweat, on its own, is odourless but the reaction of bacteria in it (which leads to the breakdown of the acids) is the real cause of odours.Beauty: 5 Tips To Get Over Body Odour And Smelly Armpit
Many a time, body odour occurs after puberty, as that is when the body develops the apocrine sweat glands that produce the sweat which is quickly broken down by the bacteria. Obesity, diabetes, over-sweating due to an overactive thyroid gland or menopause are more susceptible causes of body odour.
It may be shocking to know that the armpits are not the only part of the body where odour can ooze from, the feet and groin are most likely to stench too.
1. Healthy routine: Deodorant always helps to address the causative factor to achieve better results, however, as the body sweats more and there is a build-up of dead cells, grime and bacteria, the anti-antiperspirant and deodorant may not be able to be effective for long. So for better results you could follow a healthy routine like showering at least two times a day if you sweat a lot, applying dusting powder on all the body folds after shower, wearing cotton clothes, drinking plenty of water, reducing caffeine intake, consumption of herbal and green tea and using anti-antiperspirant on the skin. Ensure you use antibacterial soap to help get rid of some bacteria, and when using your deodorant, apply a little talcum powder on the armpit first, to help the deodorant stay for long and keep the skin dry. Change clothes often when you’re sweating heavily and ensure to wear fresh clothes help keep body odor down. Be sure to change your socks as well, especially if you tend to have foot odor. Replace insoles in your shoes often and go barefoot when possible.
2. Dry off well: After bathing, ensure you dry yourself completely, paying close attention to any areas where you sweat a lot. If possible, wipe your armpits, face and other sweaty parts with baby wipes each time your sweat becomes heavy and slightly uncomfortable to keep you fresh.
3. Watch your diet: there are naturally some foods that facilitate body odours, examples are garlic and onion – they are known to trigger foul body odour. So, while avoiding them, take a lot of foods, fruits and vegetables, adequate protein, whole grains, supplements like Vitamin B complex and zinc and of course a minimum of 2-3 litres of water daily. You may set alaems to remind you of water intake, it is just fine, as long as you do to stay nice.
4. Exfoliate the underarm: exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin cells, it will surely help to keep the underarm clean, thus aids in keeping the body odor under check. It is recommended, therefore, though a gentle and not harsh exfoliation does the trick. See some home made exfoliators for the armpit
5. Use Homemade Natural Solutions: nothing beats homemade, it is not usually expensive and unnatural. Wither way, nothing beats natural solutions, especially to body and health problems. So take advantage of the ingredients you have ready in your kitchen or the fruits , veggies and others in your fridge and keep body odour away. Some of these solutions are:
a. Lemon Juice: Cut a fresh lemon into two halves and squeeze out the juice from them. Soak some cotton wool in the juice and rub the underarms and other odorous areas with it. Let the juice air-dry before taking a shower or simply wash off that area. Repeat this process twice a day.
b. Baking soda: Applying mixed equal parts baking soda and cornstarch to odorous areas will eliminate wetness, kill bacteria, and ward off body odor. This mix lasts long and helps to keep the underarms dry for several hours. You may also mix some lemon juice and baking soda and apply paste on areas, then wash off once dried for good results.
c. Lemon Spray: make a body spray out of lemon and water for an effective body odour repellent deodorant. Squeeze out the juice of two lemons and mix with one cup of water. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and apply wherever stinks when it does, in the stead of deodorants.
d. Apple cider vinegar: is a very good tool for the entire body, inside and out, because it balances pH and eliminates bacteria. Dip cotton wool into some ACV and dab on the smelly areas few minutes before showering each day to naturally balance out your armpit pH. You can even add apple cider vinegar to your daily bath and soak your whole body to restore balance to your skin. See other skin hacks to do with ACV
e. Lemon Wedge:
Cut a lemon in half, take one half and rub over the odorous areas, squeezing it a bit as you go. Wait till the juice dries up on its own as with the lemon juice, then wash off. This will not only quench body odour but will exfoliate your underarms and other areas, removing all dirts, impurities and dead skin cells. Repeat on a daily basis for maximum effectiveness, be sure not to scrub your skin hardly, just rub gently.
f. Take a tomato bath: Tomato juice works to rid humans of stink as he acidity of the veggie kills odor-causing bacteria. Tomatoes can shrink pores as well, making it a very good tool for skin problems. Simply mix the juice from about 7 to 8 tomatoes into your bathwater and watch out for the effects! See 7 Beauty Magics You Can Perform With TomatoesPhotos Credit: Getty

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