Beauty: 6 Beauty Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Beauty: 6 Beauty Hacks Every Lady Should Know
Hello KOKOBeauties, welcome to another Thursday of everything beauty and beautiful. It is a day of beauty hacks and tips that you must know and try out. This will help you to save money on beauty products as well as develop your personal beauty sense and skills. Above all, it will give you your desired body.

You might have tested a ton of hacks that promised to give you everything you desire for a perfect body, but here are some simple best of the bests that will actually do what they promise.

  1. Clearer Armpits: Every lady wants to be able to throw her hands in the air publicly and not be worried about bad odour or an ugly-looking dark armpit. If you are not in that circle yet, it is not too late. A tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of grated activated charcoal are all you need! Mix the honey and charcoal together and apply on your armpits. Leave the application for about 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week and before you know it, your armpit is the clearest in the world!!!.

    Beauty: 6 Beauty Hacks Every Lady Should Know
    Beauty Hacks are simple and smart. Don’t you agree? Photo Credit: Getty
  2. Stronger and Healthier Nails: Remembering that your nails are part of your beauty statements should make you desire healthy nails. Likewise, you do not want to have fragile nails that can break at the slightest contact. For a strong and healthy nails, dip your fingers into some lemon juice from your fridge for about 3mins. Do this for a few days and see the results. Olive or Castor oil can do the wonders too.
  3. Lips Exfoliation: As it is important for you to exfoliate your skin, your lips are not left out. This helps you have cute, smooth and pinker lips. A simple homemade lips exfoliator is your toothbrush. Wet and run the soft toothbrush to and fro your lips in circular motion about 10 times. There is no need to scrub though, then add some lip balm on it. This can be done while bathing or applying your makeup. You can also make a natural product for peeling with sugar, a little lemon juice, and coconut oil. Mix all three together and apply on the lips. Leave for some minutes then clean off.Beauty: 6 Beauty Hacks Every Lady Should Know
  4. Lasting Perfume Fragrance: It can be annoying that after some minutes of waring your fragrance, even you cannot feel it’s presence anymore, not mention people you pass by. A reliable solution from a dermatologist to keep your perfume smelling all day suggests that it is very necessary you spray immediately after the shower. The humidity of the body will help to keep the fragrance on till night. Fragrance should be applied to pulse points – your wrists, neck, back of your knees (if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt), back of your neck, base of your throats and of course, your armpits.
  5. Chipped Nails: In case your nail polish are chipping off your nails and you do not have time to go to the salon, or you don’t want to change the nails yet, here’s a quick fix. Add glitters the peeled parts of the nails and you are good to go – simple and smart!
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  6. White Teeth: You may know this and some other beauty hacks for whitening the teeth, but may not have tried it. Why not give it a trial now. For the perfect white teeth, brush three to four times in a week with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Leave the paste on your teeth for two minutes, then rinse it off.
  7. Removing Cellulite: You can get rid of the dimpled and lumpy appearance on your thighs and buttocks with many beauty hacks too but we recommend you mix coffee grounds, coconut oil and sugar together to create an exfoliated scrub. Rub the mixture on the affected areas and leave for 15 minutes. Wash away and repeat every day.

    6 beauty hacks every lady must know
    Cellulite. Photos Credit: Getty

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