Sunday, April 2, 2023

Aunty Aurora, My Housegirl Is So Beautiful And Sexy, I Feel Insecure And Can’t Trust My Husband Won’t Be Tempted

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Dear Aunty Aurora, I am 35, happily married with two children. For three months, we have had a very nice house girl who is very good with the kids and at her work. There is, however, one disturbing situation. Everything about her is just perfect. She is beautiful, has a perfect figure, she is young has nice legs and all those things men die for. She knows it, I know it and my husband seems to know as much. I think he is attracted to her, having caught him severally staring at her. I had to take her since I work a tight schedule. He speaks highly of her and I cannot even correct her in his presence. From next month, my husband will be working from home. I think this is trouble and I really don’t know what to do. Agatha, Ilupeju-Lagos.Dear Agatha, Your concerns are genuine and you have an obligation to protect your man. Indeed, domestic workers can be a great temptation for men but with the right approach to this, you can manage that situation. However, I may emphasize that the fact that she is attractive and perfect in every way does not increase the likelihood that he may want to be with her. For a man to want to get with a laborer that his wife has engaged in the house, that is to a large extent a display of mediocrity. However, you also need to understand that sometimes it is not just about the man wanting to be with the house girl, the girls also have their share of sins when it comes to these issues. The thought of a man stuck with a beautiful lady in a house day after day after day does not ideally paint a bright picture. However, if you do your part and do everything right you should have nothing to worry about.Photo Credit: Getty

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