Aunty Aurora, I’m Sad And Ashamed That I Let My Husband Abuse Me – But I Don’t Know Or Have The Confidence To Make Him Stop

Dear Aunty Aurora,I am sad, depressed and guilty that I let my husband bully and abuse me so badly for so long. I am so unhappy but don’t have the confidence to tell him how I feel. He is domineering, aggressive and beats me up and I am not allowed to talk to anyone. He tells me what to wear and times me when we go out – even to the market. If he does a small job round the house, he expects a medal. He is 36, I am 28.He moved me and our four-year-old son from the mainland to the island where I have no friends and my son has nobody to play with. My husband works for an international company but He keeps his money for himself and I have just my small wage to keep myself and my son. I’m hoping he’ll read your column and gulp.Yemisi, AjahDear Yemisi, Your husband is an abusive bully. It is highly unlikely he will change whatever I say and this situation is damaging for your son as well as you. You might need to consider reporting him to the appropriate authorities, agencies and think hard if you want to continue married to such an person. Please keep us updated.Photo Credit: Getty

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