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Aunty Aurora, I’m In Love With A Guy I Met On Social Media But He Won’t Leave His Fiancée

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Dear Aunty Aurora,

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I am in love with a man I first met on social media – but fear I am wasting my time. We were getting on so well, chatting, that we felt we were more than just friends – so wanted to meet.
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I am a woman of 30 and he is 34. We had discovered he was a friend of my sister’s husband so I asked her what she thought about this.

She said he had a girlfriend already – but she had heard he was very unhappy and was saving up hard to free himself. I messaged him to confront him and got such a lovely reply.
He said it was true but he had had no idea he would meet someone as special as me and he had kept quiet because he was scared I would run a mile. So, as I was stuck in the house during lockdown, I decided to give it more time and see what might happen with him. Am I going to get hurt? Thank you. Chioma, Lagos

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Dear Chioma,
Not if you do not pin your hopes on him. If you have not yet met him, I would say you are much better off focusing on other aspects of your life. He has not been straightforward with you and I feel for the girl he is with now and deceiving. I am not sure he is someone you can trust.

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