Dive Into Action With The Mythical Mermaid Sex Position

If you are looking to shake things up in the bedroom department, there is a magical move called The Mermaid which is driving couples wild – shell bra optional.If you are obsessed with the mythical sea creature, you’ll be glad to know the sensual sex move is not too hard to pull off. Forget fins and being under the sea, all you’ll need for this position is for the woman to lie on the edge of a bed, desk or any raised surface. The woman should add a pillow under her butt for extra elevation, and raise her legs straight in the air, keeping them together if possible. The male then enters his partner while standing up, or kneeling if the bed is low to the ground.He can grip the woman’s legs or hips for extra stability and so he can thrust more deeply. The move is not only pleasurable as it allows for deep penetration, but the male will feel bigger inside you as your legs are together – result! Women can lie back as the man does all the hard work in this very passionate position that leaves his other hand free to caress the woman’s breasts.Photo Credit: Getty

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