Thursday, December 2, 2021

5 Beauty And Lifestyle Hacks That Will Make You Look Younger

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It is not unusual for people to sometimes think you look older than you actually are. Sometimes this could be pushed by how you interact with them, what they think of your life choices, or the most basic reason – your dressing.

How you present yourself to the world may seem inconsequential but it can actually boost your confidence and improve how you carry yourself around people.

We look at some of the mistakes that could be making you look older than you really are: 

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Over styling your hair: 
It is said that the first thing people will notice about you is your hair and it is very important to choose hair styles that not only flatter your face but also suit you. As you advance in age, always be wary of the hairstyles you choose. Some could make you look too old while others could seem like you are trying too hard. Always consult with a hairstylist or do your research on age appropriate hairstyles before settling on unfamiliar territories.

Trying too hard: The key to looking elegant and young is ‘effortless and minimal.’ When you over accessorize and pair too many outfit colours, it will seem like you are overcompensating for something, usually age. Instead, aim for a capsule wardrobe and have the best pieces that can work all year long. Also avoid keeping up with seasonal trends that don’t resonate with your personal style. Identify your style and stick with it, you will feel more confident and look more elegant when you are comfortable in how you look.

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Trying to look young: 
Growing old can be scary and like the former, you want try too hard to look younger than you actually are – and it will show. Instead of sticking to age appropriate clothes and style, you will opt for younger looks that will only pronounce how hard you are trying. Trying to look younger will only make you inauthentic and in the long run speed up your looks. Always shop modern instead of younger, this way you can keep up with age appropriate outfits in a fashionable way.

Not trying at all: 
While trying too hard may seem like the problem, not trying at all equally ages you. For most ladies once they cross a certain age, they simply hang up the boots and stop caring about how they look.

It can be overwhelming to worry about fashion when being bombarded by other responsibilities but this is no reason to look frumpy whenever you are stepping out.

Once in a while take time to revamp your wardrobe and bring it up to date with modern looks.

Neglecting your skin: Most ladies find it daunting to actually maintain a skincare routine but this might actually slow down the aging process, you need to take care of your skin and keep it moisturized at all times. As you advance in age, your skin will not only need more attention but you also have to be particular with what you eat and drink. Always have a workout routine and remember to hydrate as your skin will need all the water it can get.

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Tip: Your shoe selection could also be adding a few numbers to your age. Extremely high ones could seem like you are struggling and plain ones are boring. Always aim for modern and comfortable. When it comes to choosing shoes, your comfort is everything.Photo Credit: Getty

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