Tuesday, August 16, 2022

6 Beauty Hacks To Help Make Your Braids Last Longer

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Most ladies struggle with maintaining their natural hair when it’s not in a protective style. Therefore, we’re always looking for ways to keep it in a protective style without causing breakage. The only problem is that once we hit week three, our hair looks if we haven’t touched it in three months.

Protective styles simply help give your hair a break from the constant tagging that comes with styling. They also allow your hair to grow and protect it from the harsh sunlight, and freezing cold.

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Below are tips to help you keep your protective style looking neat and fresh for longer.
1. Wear a silk or satin bonnet or headscarf to bed: This is one of the first lessons I learned about hair care as a child. The headscarf protects your protective style from getting frizzy and looking untidy.
The satin scarf or bonnet also prevents oil and moisture from getting soaked by your pillow ensuring that your hair doesn’t get dry too fast.
2. Avoid washing it too much: You might need to refresh your braids or weave from time to time, especially if you have them on for more than a couple of weeks. However, don’t over do it as the manipulation involved in shampooing and conditioning your hair could loosen your protective style.
3. Ensure your hair is well done: The first step in ensuring that your hair lasts long is that it should be well made in the first place. How your braids are attached and finished will determine how fast they get undone.

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4. Use a spray bottle to moisturise: To reduce manipulation, pour a mixture of liquid oil and some water into a spray bottle and use it to keep your hair moisturised. Using your fingers, as most of us are used to, can loosen braids and make them look untidy faster.

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5. Get weaves tightened: As you wash your weave to keep it clean and looking neat, ask for the stitches to be tightened so that the weave sits well on your head.

6. Oil your braids: Whenever you want to style your braids like in an updo, put some oil on your hands and use it to . This helps reduce friction and your braids will not look dry and unkempt.

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