Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Woman Suffers Miscarriage After Being Detained By Rivers Police

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Media personality Kofi Bartels has called out the Rivers Police force for causing his friend’s wife to have a miscarriage after detaining them.
Kofi Bartels took to Twitter to relate this, noting that the couple were on their way to the hospital when they were interceptec by the Police.Woman Suffers Miscarriage After Being Detained During Labour By Rivers Police
The police officers who were said to be operating on Governor Nyesom Wike’s lockdown order which restricts movement except the person has an exemption letter or movement permit from the government asked the couple for the letter and they do not have.
They, however, released them after sometime but the woman to suffer miscarriage before getting to the hospital.
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A friend’s pregnant wife lost their baby today after police detained them on their way to the hospital. They said Rivers State Government directive is that nobody should move without government permit, so they can die there if they want. After some time, they were released only for them to lose the baby on getting to the hospital.
Your excellency Sir @GovWike, is everyone meant to apply to you for government’s special permit before moving out? Some clarity is needed. Your Excellency Sir, everyone cannot write to you for an exemption letter. Imagine the family who just lost their baby. How would they have gotten across to you? More confusing is the fact that as I’m typing this, the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 has just said the police and other security officials should allow everyone on essential duty free movement.
A flight bringing Nigerians home from Dubai turned around because a woman on the flight went into labour. Here in PH, our own police detained a pregnant woman on her way to hospital reportedly because of the Governor’s order requiring a movement permit. She lost the baby.
@GovWike Sir, that DCP was wrong to issue permits to companies not on essential activities and you’re right to be angry. But PLEASE, in reacting to this, consider that not everyone will be able to reach you to get the Governor’s Permit. “, the radio presenter said.
Kofi Bartels queries Wike as his friend’s wife suffers miscarriage
Woman Suffers Miscarriage After Being Detained During Labour By Rivers Police
Pregnant woman suffers miscarriage after Police detained her and her husband
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