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Coronavirus Is Not A Priority In Nigeria – Yahaya Bello

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Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello today revealed that the coronavirus is not a priority in Nigeria as a lot of governors have ignored other pressing issues and have focused only on the pandemic in the country.
Coronavirus Is Not A Priority In Nigeria- Yahaya Bello
Coronavirus Is Not A Priority In Nigeria- Yahaya Bello
He said too much panic and fears have been spread about COVID-19 as if it was the end of the world. According to the governor, the disease is being massively marketed everywhere in the media while shifting priorities from other important things.

“There are so many merchants now marketing COVID-19 as if that is our priority. “Our struggling economy that Mr President is trying to revive, we’re further killing it,” the governor said.He also said that his government has done its best to make sure it did not spread panic about the outbreak, and claimed that death rate has dropped drastically during the period of the pandemic because he provided that leadership. Bello further claimed that he has thoroughly educated himself about the coronavirus, a novel disease, and that its symptoms are nothing new.

“Is this the first time we’re having these kinds of symptoms in Nigeria? “Haven’t we been living with it and teaching ourselves and moving on?” he questioned the officials.Yahaya BelloBello also accused the NCDC and the World Health Organisation (WHO) of verbally increasing the mortality rate of the coronavirus disease to create panic. He said Nigeria has lost fewer people to COVID-19 (107 deaths, as of May 7) than to other problems like Boko Haram terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, cattle rustlers, road accidents, hunger, malaria, heart attack, child mortality, and Lassa fever.

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He further bizarrely called on Nigerians to be ‘courageous enough’ to tell the disease to return to China, where it was first detected in December 2019. “We should be courageous enough to say that COVID-19 has no space in Nigeria. “Not by taking samples. You have over 2,000 across the country, what are you doing with them? “You have released over 400 or 500, what did you use in treating them that cannot be publicised because we call it a war? “During war, every solution is needed. You don’t leave your people to be consumed by the war.”
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