Who Is Lying? Sheck Wes Denies Justin Skye’s Domestic Violence Allegations

Sheck Wes the center of American singer, Justine Skye’s Domestic violence allegations has finally responded to the claims saying he is innocent.

He took to Twitter to tell the world that he has never laid his hand on a woman, to which the singer responded that she had proof to back up her claims.

— Sheck Jesus (@sheckwes) February 12, 2019

 She went on to shed more light on what happened between them, saying, Sheck Wes and some of his friends stalked and attacked her and her friends while they were taking a stroll. She made it clear that Sheck and people on his team have been spreading lies about her trying to destroy her credibility.

In responding to Sheck Wes denial, Justine shared a video of Sheck Wes breaking into her house uninvited and a conversation she had with a friend asking for help.

Photo Credit: Getty


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