Travel: 6 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa To Visit

No doubt Africa is a beautiful country, with an appreciable landscape and topography that continually leaves geologist amazed and puzzled.

AfricaAlthough, the foreign media continually panders to the narrative of showing Africa as a poor continent, with dishevelled and hungry children, Africans know that this does not define the reality of the continent.

This wrong narrative and single story is what those who have not been to the continent carry as the stark truth, failing to see the irony that exists between what the media show and what is truly obtainable in this continent.

Africa has some very beautiful cities and it is with the aim of discrediting the single stories about the continent that inspires this write-up. Here are some of the continent’s most beautiful cities.

1. Marrakech, MoroccoTRAVEL: 5 Places To Visit When In Marrakech, MoroccoIn an earlier article about Marrakech published on this site, the writer had written, “Traveling and visiting the world is a beautiful thing and Marrakech (also spelled Marrakesh) is one beautiful city that you must add to your list of cities to visit. Marrakech which used to be one of Morocco’s imperial capitals, is that one city that welcomes you with open arms and doesn’t want you to leave.”

2. Nairobi, KenyaThis city will leave you wanting more. The landscape is a picturesque setting that you’ll be glad to see. It’s even more beautiful when the morning sun hits the land as the day breaks, ad dusk gives way to dawn. It is a choice destination.

3. Abuja, NigeriaThis city makes the list because of its neatly planned homes, clean roads, beautiful government buildings and the free-flow of traffic. Not to forget that it is a very serene environment and home to the grandest mosque in Nigeria.

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4. Tunis, TunisiaIf you’ve seen pictures of Islands in Greece, then you have an idea of what Tunis looks like. There’s something about the blue windows and doors in the city that will draw you in.

5. Dar Es SalaamOne of Africa’s fastest growing city as at 2019. The urban feel of this city teeming with people will enthrall you. The nightlife is in a class of its own, and you’ll find many drawn to it, night after night.

6. Luanda, AngolaThe capital of the third largest oil producer in Africa is one city you should add to your bucket list of places to visit.Photo Credit: Instagram

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