Travel: 7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Nigeria

In case you’ve never had the privilege of visiting the giant of Africa, Nigeria, this article will show you reasons why you should go get your passport and visa and start planning (well, after the coronavirus pandemic has been eradicated and we can fully go back to our life before it).

Travel: 7 Reasons Why You Must Visit NigeriaTo be honest, Nigeria like other African countries is underreported by the international media, and if you focus or base your opinion on this, you’ll miss the happy people, the range of local cuisines, the bubbling nightlife, all the entertainment and the gist that you have to see for yourself.

Here are seven unequivocal reasons why you should make Nigeria your next travel destination.

1. The music culture is second to none.Wizkid and Burna BoyNo doubt Nigerians are one of the most celebrated individuals when it comes to music and a trip down here will present you with young individuals scattered around various parts of the country, particularly in tertiary institutions pushing their art.

Musical events and concerts hold on a daily basis with an array of genres, ranging from Afrobeats to Afropop, Afrosoul, High-Life, Fuji amongst others.

You think you know how to dance. Let Nigerian music have you move your body and gravitate those hips to its many eclectic sound.

2. The country’s landscape is a painting to enthrall you.Travel. waterfallsIf there’s one thing that nature wrought effectively for Nigeria, its the geography that makes it look like a painting from Picasso. With plateaus and mountains, rocky hills and lush vegetations, you can be assured of a swell time.

And did I mention the many resorts that will enchant you and make you never want to leave. It is indeed a sight to behold.

3. Nigerians are a party people.If there’s one thing Nigerians are known for, it is the fact that they love to Owambe like tomorrow is destined not to come. While most of these parties are often done over the weekend, you’ll still find a number of them holding on the weekdays.

If you think you’ve seen Nigerians party hard and wild, try visiting the club on a Friday night to see the citizens in all their glory. Black bodies sweating, gravitating and swaying hips, bodies mingling with other bodies. A beautiful world.

Interestingly, most of these parties, especially those thrown by those in the middle class often have an open-door policy, so you can come and in Nigeria, it’s never bad to bring a friend.

4. The cuisines and dishes will definitely have you finger-licking.You’ll find a number of small bukas to medium restaurants and the big ones. There’s a place to cater to everyone’s pocket here. And it doesn’t matter how much you have to spend, you can be assured that the meals are delicious and tantalizing to the taste buds.

However, if you know that you don’t like hot or spicy food, we’ll advise that you avoid the bukas.

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5. Nigerians are a Art loving people.Ofala Festival KOKO TV NG 8You’ll find big and small galleries filling the way as you move along. There’s always been beautiful, well sought-after artworks from this country. There’s the Nok art, the Igbo Ukwu, the terracotta amongst others.

And you don’t want to miss the festivals too, Argungu festival, New Yam Festival, Eyo Festival and the Calabar Carnival which usually happens in December.

6. The fashion sense and style is on another planet.It is no longer news that Nigerians are fast taking over the global fashion space. A good example is the young lady chosen to lead Kanye West’s Yezzy Gap campaign. Nigerians have been fashionable and trendy as long as anyone knows.

You’ll find the Ankara, the Aso Ebi and the adire doing well in the global fashion market, a testament to the creativity Nigerians embody and yes, there’s the new school and the alté culture, you really don’t want to miss all these style and swag.

7. Nigerians are a happy people.Nigerians are the sort of people who would go the extra mile to make a visitor happy. They’ll make you laugh, engage you in intellectual conversations and banter. They are willing to help you when the road gets too rough.

Sure there are a few bad eggs, here and there, but will you let that dissuade you from meeting one of Earth’s most likely people and visiting this giant of Africa?NigeriaPhoto Credit: Instagram

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