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Monday, May 27, 2024

Their Looting Skills Is Inexplicable – Tuface Drags Abacha And His New Comrades Of Politicians

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The extreme corruption happening currently in the country has been dated bact to 1960’s when Nigeria gained independence from the British colonial masters.

In Nigeria, corruption is a natural phenomena which runs through every level of government.

Weighing into issue which has destroyed the country, legendary singer, 2Baba took to his Instagram stories to share his random thoughts.

2Baba talked about how the late military ruler, Sani Abacha GCFR embezzled money during his regime. He went on to ask why no other solen funds have been recovered. To him, the African leaders looking skills is inexplicable.

He wrote: I no sabi pass o! but i the reason am say if Abacha been actually thief all that money we for no fit recover am! Because since when this people wey dey hold us for blockus based on dept suddenly decide not to use am clear depth then give us the remaining change?

According to 2Baba, Africa has no friends but shepherds.

Lending his voice in the slave trade era that makes part of African history, 2Baba noted that Africa was not conquered buy Bracey buy by greed and deceit from the part of its leaders.

He wrote: Africa was not conquered based on dumbness or lack of unity or bravery.

Africa was conquered by Cunning/savagery/greed/terrorism/deceit/and pure criminality and most of all our very welcoming and hospitable nature.Abacha

Our kings and monarchs and all fell at the end because Africans became the picture of slavery to every race.

Every race had slaves and they could just walk away and escape.

The movie 12 Years A Slave gives u a clear picture. Let me just say the Jews are us and the white slaves a black person can never be antisemitic.

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