That Sharp Naija Guy: 24 Coded Ways Used To Refer To Sex

Yo welcome back SNG fans, so last Friday my flatmate’s girlfriend came around she just got back from school (University) we were all out in the living-room Watching Afcon Final, when the girl left to go take her bath my friend was still in the living with me and a couple of other friends watching the game between Algeria and Senegal, all of a sudden we heard the babe call out from the room to my friend saying, babe, and I quote “Honey lets do some “Bedroom Exercise”, and that was the last we saw our friend for the next 36 hours….The rest is history.

Using the word “Sex” or “Fuck” to refer to intercourse between a man and a woman or between the same gender is usually thought of as offensive or foul, especially if said in the presence of an underage or a young person.

So in light of that across the world intercourse as adopted quite a number of different nomenclature used as a code to pass the message between people when referring to it.

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In Nigeria, it has quite a number of slangs both “street lingos” and even some corporate/formal lingos too used to refer to sex. Some though still sound obvious while some have been found out but some has found a way to still remain coded and undeciphered yet.

Like say, you want to tell your guys you just got down with a girl and her friend is probably around you could just say “I Assaulted her With a Friendly Weapon”. You could hear a young Naija guy say “Mo Ko fun” its a local parlance that he just smashed a girl really hard.

While you could someone of a much older generation say something like “Mo Ti Skibo Omo Yen” or you here a Yoruba person say “Mo Ti Dibe” which in English translate as “Have gotten there”, it means he/she has slept with a particular person and mostly younger to them. Or you hear a Yoruba lady say “O ti je Nbe” its means a particular guy as slept with her.

While you could hear a married couple say “Wa fun mi Lo je mi”, and they probably just finished eating, don’t get baffled because yeah they just codingly told each other they want to have sex.

Below are some of the words/phrases in Nigeria used to refer to sex;

  1. Straff
  2. Netflix And Chill
  3. Let’s Hook-Up
  4. Smash
  5. Skibo
  6. Pensh
  7. Dabo
  8. Assault With A Friendly Weapon
  9. Colinlingus
  10. Pakurumo
  11. “Doing The Do”
  12. Get Down
  13. Gbonyon
  14. Collabo
  15. Fun Je
  16. Screw
  17. Shang
  18. Get Boggie/ Get Jiggy
  19. Get Ur Freak On
  20. O ti Dibe
  21. Mo Ti ko Fun
  22. Bedroom Exercise
  23. O ti Je Nibe
  24. Pussdiving…
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