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Strictly Ladies: The Four Stages Of Dating In Relationships Every Girl Should Know

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Like many young girls, most of us grew up thinking about getting married to some handsome prince and live happily thereafter. Too bad, that is right out of a fairytale.

There is no such thing as perfect love and relationships can get complex and even painful at times. Just like every person is unique and different in their own way, so are relationships.

Like parenting and other life changing situations in our lives, no one can prepare you on how to have a successful relationship. Ignorantly, most of us couple up blindly often leading to disaster.

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When you have no idea of what we are doing, you get into a relationship hoping everything will work itself out only for you to end up disappointed.

To better understand the dynamics of a relationship, here are the four stages of dating you should be aware of:The honeymoon stage: Also known as the euphoric stage, this is the earliest period of the relationship as couples get to know each other. Everything seems perfect and it’s as if you’re both living through a fantasy.

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This intoxicating love can last up to two years although some couples claim to be at this stage years after being together and married.

There is a lot of fun taking place here as you spend more together. However, this is not sustainable and may end as fast as it began.

Early attachment stage:
 When you can sleep, work and do other things without thinking about the other person officially marks your entry to the early attachment stage.

You have gone through a few challenges and a strong attachment has developed. You are getting to know your partner and their real true self.

You are out of dreamland and you’re both trying to figure out where this will go next. Imperfections once overlooked in the romance stage have now come to the surface and it’s time to face the hard truth.

The crisis stage: This is the make-or-break stage where couples can decide on the next course of their relationship. They can decide to break up or stay together.

The stability of your relationship will be tested when a crisis arises and how you both handle it. If you overcome it chances are, you will move to the next stage of your commitment.

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Communication, trust and the ability to work as a team will determine how strong your bond is and whether it can last.

Deep attachment stage:
 You have been through the ups and downs of life and this is the calm after the storm. You know each other better now and you have found effective ways of dealing with challenges together.

At this point you have chosen to be together and this can be marked by moving in together, dating exclusively or getting engaged.

You have built a good foundation, you enjoy spending time together and you feel like one unit.

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