Strictly Ladies: Five Things To Important Think About When Making Your Wedding Plans

Please take a moment and breathe in….breathe out…and relax because your wedding day is almost here.

Yes! You have made it this far without losing your mind and the best part is, you’re still together and the wedding is still on. You’ve spent a lot of time planning and organizing everything else and now it’s time to think about the very final preparations. Phew!

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That said, it is super important to plan everything systematically because you want the best outcome possible.  The reason I say this is because it’s not a good idea to freestyle your bride and groom preparations so you should really make sure you’re operating with a clear blueprint in mind.
Remember that common saying your professor hammered through your head, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail?’ well in this case it couldn’t be further from the truth. Bride and groom preparations can and will go smoothly if you get the right tips.
Identify someone you will delegate tasks to: 
By the time you’re a few days to the wedding, you’ll find that there’s still a lot to be done. It’s advisable to start planning your wedding early enough so that you have fewer hitches on the final crucial days. Even then, you’ll find that there are still some things that need to be taken care of and you might be unable to handle them on your own.

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This is where delegating comes in. Decide on who can help you and notify them early on what your expectations are. This is how you will avoid problems that result from miscommunication. You can delegate these tasks to the wedding planner, a trusted relative or reliable friend.
Decide from where you will want to get ready: Will you be more comfortable getting ready at home or do you prefer a different location? How far will it be from the venue and will you have enough time to make it without any complications? You might be more comfortable getting ready at home because you want to be surrounded by your loved ones in a relaxed environment.

Or, you could also want to have a unique experience at a grand hotel where you can capture some picturesque moments. It’s totally up to you to decide. Ultimately, think about a central location close to the church or ceremony area where your makeup artist and other vendors won’t have to spend hours getting to you. In the same vein you also need to decide whether the bridal party will get ready from the same location or they will meet you at the set venue for preparations.

Work with a checklist/to do list: Nothing can help you have a clear, relaxed mind like a checklist. Whenever you remember something you need to pack, just write it down and review it when the time is right.

A list will remind you of small but extremely crucial details like the notebook you wrote your vows in and other specific items you need to have. Separate your list of things to do and your items list that will remind you of the thing you need to buy or carry in your prep bag.

Plan what you will eat and drink: Plan what I’ll eat and drink, really? Yes, really. This is important for many reasons including the fact that you don’t want to have a stomach upset on your own special day.

Your body will thank you for choosing something light and healthy, combined with plenty of water instead of ordering something you’ve never tried for the first time when you know how your body will react. If you want to drink, choose something light that won’t leave you hungover and nauseous. Make necessary arrangements with the hotel, caterer or a family member for your meal and drinks early so you won’t have a hard time.
Have your go-to relaxing plans ready: 
It’s very normal to be a bit nervous during your bride and groom preparations but don’t fret. You are bound to feel a little worried about how the event is going to turn out even if everything is ready.

To help you feel relaxed, plan how you will minimize the anxiety. You might want to buy your favourite scented candles that always make you feel better, prepare a relaxing music playlist beforehand or arrange how your kitten will be brought to where you are. Whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, create time to have it with you. You definitely want to be as calm as possible.

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