Monday, November 29, 2021

Strictly Ladies: 5 Ways To Improve Your Game Between The Sheets

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Do you feel like your sex life is missing something? If you’re here, chances are it is.

The good news is, this is nothing that can’t be fixed with very practical and simple methods that have been tried and tested.

Before you allow it to ruin what you have, remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place and some of the things you adore about your partner.

No good relationship is built on the foundation of sex alone. Healthy relationships are built on trust, communication, love and respect for each other.

If you already have those in place, good! You have half your work done.

Sometimes your sex issues could be medical-related so don’t be too quick to walk out on your partner for a problem that may be as a result of medication they’re on, pain or anxiety which may affect libido and desire.

To bring back the fireworks in your bedroom here are some tips you can consider applying

"Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's Ordeali. Tame your mind: What thoughts go through your mind when you think of sex? If you find yourself feeling anxious because you don’t like how your body looks or you feel unattractive, arrest those thoughts before they consume you.

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Don’t allow yourself to have those negative thoughts when in reality they could be farther from the truth. If you don’t like how you look do something about it rather than bring yourself down.

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Look for solutions and stop mulling over things you can actually change. And if you can’t change them, for whatever reasons, find other ways to get into the mood.

Breathing exercises, relaxing music, dinner or a nice bath before sex can help you get into the mood.

"Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's Ordeal
Evaluate your relationship: Gauge how your relationship is fairing and see if there could be an issue that is keeping you from making the most of your sex life.

Unresolved issues, unforgiveness and resentment may affect how you treat your partner.

Work on your problems, forgive each other and put measures in place to ensure past mistakes are not repeated.

Practice open communication, do activities together outside the home and spend quality uninterrupted time just the two of you.

Use lubrication: Your lack of intimacy may stem from pain and discomfort during sex which can be easily avoided with some lubrication.

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The friction and irritation will significantly reduce and you will find yourselves enjoying sex more. Make this part of your routine.

Using Saliva as Lubricant During Sex
Get enough rest: When you’re tired and sleepy, chances of having sex are greatly diminished. Your libido is greatly impacted as the hormones that trigger sexual arousal are thrown off course due to irregular sleep patterns.

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According to studies, men who get enough sleep have more testosterone levels and women who slept longer than the average number of hours recommended for adults had increased sexual desire.

Consider using some herbs: Certain herbs like ginseng, gingko biloba and maca have been used for ages by most cultures all over the world as aphrodisiacs.

Although there isn’t much research to support these claims, people who have used them claim that indeed they do the job.

By increasing blood flow and stimulating nerves in the genitals, these herbs which can be taken through supplements have been reported to be very beneficial.

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