Strictly Ladies: 7 Ways A Healthy Sex Life Can Improve Your Life


You may be having sex but are you enjoying it?

Everyone’s idea of good sex varies. Multiple orgasms or more sex could be your ideal but that may be far from the truth for the next person who enjoys a weekly romp.

Whatever the case may be, fact is, couples who have good quality bedroom fun with one committed partner tend to be happier and have a more exciting life despite their age.

So, before you postpone your session because you’re not in the mood, there are so many reasons why you should be having it.

Not only will you bond and feel more connected to your partner, but there are more benefits to the buzz and tingle that engulfs your body.

Here are some ways a healthy sex life can improve your life:

Reduces pain: 
If you’re suffering from any kind of pain, your relief maybe a few minutes away. Literally! Women who have bad cramps have reported reduced pain after sexual stimulation or an orgasm.

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When engaging in these activities, the hormones released block pain signals increasing your pain threshold. This in turn helps you feel better.

And about that headache? Kiss it goodbye. The endorphins work as your body’s natural painkiller.

Less stress: Life can get a bit too much and if you don’t find a way of destressing it can affect your health and overall wellbeing.

The action of moving up and down acts as a form of work out helping you calm down while the endorphins released during that period boosts your mood.

It draws you closer: Some of the chemicals produced during sex reduce irritability and depression while oxytocin helps you to calm down and the more orgasms you get the happier you become.

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As a couple that enjoys frequent sex, that will naturally draw you closer and you are both in a much better position to forgive and work things out.

Sex makes you happy: Foreplay and good quality sex where both of you are satisfied, plays a huge role in your happiness. Studies have shown that partners who have intercourse often have a much better life compared to those who don’t.

They tend to have marital satisfaction and they found it easy to stay in love regardless of any situation that arose in the course of their relationship or marriage. This in turn deepens their intimacy.

You sleep better: If you’re those people who fall asleep immediately after a good session it is because your body has released prolactin. This is a hormone that makes you feel relaxed and sleepy especially if you cuddle afterwards.

You will realize that this sleep is usually deep and you wake up feeling refreshed. By getting enough rest your body needs, this ultimately increases the desire to have more sex.

Makes you feel better: When it comes to sex, women are more inclined to want more sex if their emotional and mental health are OK. The quality of relationships she has will determine how willing she is to give it up.

For men on the other hand, it is a physical thing. If he can get it up and satisfy his partner, it works like an ego boost.

When all these factors are met, and the deed takes place often, it builds self-esteem, a better a self-image and reduces feelings of insecurity no matter how your bodies have changed.

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