Strictly Ladies: 3 Real Reasons You Must Stop Discussing Your Boyfriend With Your Girlfriends

It’s no secret that most women can be over-sharers. Ladies typically share all their secrets, problems and advice with their female friends. However, as ladies, one thing we should limit our sharing on is our romantic relationships.

Relationships is a fragile topic to discuss especially among women. As casual as the conversation may be, the honest, unadulterated truth is that not all your girlfriends are going to be happy for you, straight up!

When it comes to romantic relationships, including marriage, women handle it a little bit differently from men. Women have a biological clock for the number of years they are able to conceive and safely give birth. Not all women have this this clock on their side. This time limit can fuel envy and make a woman very catty. Below are more reasons why you should stop discussing your relationship with your girlfriends.

 1. Jealousy: Just imagine if your man surprises you with an expensive gift, a romantic holiday trip or a gorgeous proposal ring. The first few people you will probably call to brag to include your close girlfriends. When amazing things happen to us, our bodies fire up and we feel like blurting them out from the rooftops.

Remember, amazing things will not always happen to everyone, your girlfriends included. This is not to say that your entire circle is jealous of you and envies your blessings. Simply understand that we are human and we all want to experience nice things. Try to contain your excitement and limit conversations about how amazing your man is. You never know who may be plotting your downfall.

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2. Comparison: Most of us subconsciously compete with each other. Healthy competition is good because it gives us the motivation to better ourselves and one-up each other in a sober way. The problem with this is that we may lose sight of our own blessings in the pursuit of what other people have.

You may have a man who is loyal to you, makes you laugh and calls you every day. On the other hand, your bestie’s man flies her out every few weeks, buys her designer bags but entertains other women. In your mind, you may want those extravagant things that her man does for her, ignoring the fact that he is disloyal to her, unlike your partner. This is why it is important for everyone to stay in their own lane of life.

3. Bad advice: Majority of us are not trained relationship experts, and our advice sometimes stems from our own life experiences. We don’t all share the same opinions on the same topics because of free will. One person’s bad relationship experience does not mean that all partners are the same.

You also won’t know if the advice that you are receiving stems from a genuine place of concern, or not. You could be given advice out of spite, jealousy, envy and malice. There is nothing wrong with listening to different perspectives on your situation but take advice from friends with a grain of salt and use your own discernment to figure out your way forward.

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