Strictly Ladies: 7 Sure Ways To Know If You Are Ready To Say ‘I DO’

Getting married is a huge commitment. It requires both partners to make many changes and adjustments as they become one.

For most standard couples, you date for a while, get engaged and then proceed to get married. Unfortunately, some couples even get engaged and end up breaking things off for one reason or another.

Before taking the big step to propose, or accept a marriage proposal, and begin the wedding plans, it’s essential that you take time to think things over and be honest with yourself on whether you are truly ready for marriage. Here are some of the major signs that you are ready to say, ‘I do.’

1. It’s for the right reasons: Deep down within our conscience, we know our motives behind the things we do. There are cases of failed marriages where people select a partner and get married based solely on finances or looks. All these temporary qualities can never replace loyalty, respect, trust and other qualities that make one want to spend the rest of their life with their partner. If you are at peace with yourself as to why you want to get married to someone, it’s a good sign that you are truly ready.
2. You still have a sense of independence: Relationships create a strong bond between you and your partner. It involves a balance between independence and interdependence. It’s important to think of your partner before making some decisions, while at the same time, practising your sovereignty in other cases. If your life is not controlled by the urge to only make your partner happy and fulfil their desires, you’re ready for a marriage commitment.

3. Other people support you: Couples tend to live in their own cocoon. This is great because it shows that you are devoted to one another. However, it’s important to involve family you trust or friends whose opinions you value, to give their input before deciding to get married. Once they approve, it’s a sign that you can make the big decision with their blessings.
4. There is no hidden resentment: People tend to think that getting married will automatically make your problems as a couple disappear. The truth is, things will probably get worse when you decide to get married without dealing with the skeletons in the closet first. Unresolved problems will get worse with time and may sadly lead to divorce after having such a beautiful wedding. You’re only ready to say ‘I do’ after you and your partner have gotten rid of any resentment and have each truly forgiven each other.
5. Your finances are right: Marriages are not built on love alone. In fact, many breakups and divorces are as a result of financial pressures in the family. There is no need to rush into getting married when you are on a very tight budget. Like any other crucial decision you make, you need to plan well to make things easier. Afterwards, you can wed when the time is right and you feel financially settled.

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6. You have accepted your partner: You know you are ready to get married when you have fully accepted your partner’s flaws and imperfections. Sometimes, especially in the initial stages of dating, we notice things about them that annoy us and things that we wish could change. When you are no longer interested in forcing your partner to change, this shows that you are ready for a lifetime commitment. It is a sign of trust because they won’t feel like you are still looking for a better version of them.
7. The thought of marriage doesn’t make you want to run: Feeling completely comfortable with this type of commitment is a good indication. You are fully settled and at peace with the thought of spending the rest of your life with that one person. When you are honest with yourself at this point, you are probably ready. Go for it!

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