Street Style: 5 Colour Popping Outfits That Are Nothing Short Of Stylish

Outfits that are colour popping are usually ‘shy-away’ fashion items for people. Even some fashionistas and stylish people avoid them. This is so because they can be daring, and people feel like they are hard to mix and match with. The last statement actually might not be true, because, outfits with popping colours can be mixed and matched with, you just need some dose of inspiration to get you started.

Inspiration doses:

This whole combo is bold and beautiful. Red is the major popping colour here. And it was actually toned down with the neutrals: white and black. Apart from the bright red kimono, the earrings and vintages shades were the other reds.


On a normal colour coding day, pink and blue compliment each other, and here we have this lovely pink kimono and a blue palazzo.


Also toned with neutrals: Brown and white, this burnt orange two piece just look lovely on this twins.


This dress almost seems like a rainbow dress. From the picture, she picked out two different colours from the ones on the dress, then she accessorised with them. Only the woven bag is neutral.


This is a perfect example of:”I  Have a piece with so many bright colours, so I have the opportunity of choosing one colour i wish to pair it with.”

Of course with your creativity, you get to pull off other colour popping style ideas.

Photo credit: Getty


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