Sex In The City! Couple Caught Having Sex In Broad Daylight

A randy naked couple were caught having sex above a mobile phone repair shop in broad daylight. The amorous pair was spotted romping in Liverpool as shocked shoppers and passers-by looked on.During the X-rated clip a man can be seen standing over someone through a first-floor flat window and enthusiastically thrusting as they bend over in front of him. Meanwhile, a sign on the mobile phone shop below the flat flashes “affordable service” as the pair go at it. The steamy scene has been shared on Facebook more than 3,000 times, with the status: “People often ask what I see in London Road market, well it’s the local charm for a start.”Thousands of people have flooded the post with jokes, and many have tagged their mates in. “That is sick I’ve been looking for an affordable place to get my phone fixed,” joked Lewis Browne. Nick Goundry, tagging in his mate, said: “This place is cheap for your phone fixed look at the price.” Others pointed out that the passionate pair should have maybe thought about investing in blinds.Photo Credit: Getty

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