Thursday, August 5, 2021

Three Interesting Reasons Why Young Ladies Date Old Men

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You may wonder why these days, may young ladies around hang around with old men, at times you may even see them walking hand in hands with old men.
To get the reason why this is so, here are three reasons
1 Money: Many ladies are argued that the cost for survival in the city is very high couple with the rate recession in the country. Some of these young ladies who enter the relationship are university students or who people who are from poor background with no sponsor.

2 Maturity: Ladies unlike guys grow and mature faster. Their environment compels them to do things at their tender age. When they come of age of dating, they see guy of their age bracket as boring and childish which makes them prefer older men cause they believe they are matured.
3 Father Figure: Some ladies enters this relationships because they seek a father figure. In their childhoods, they could have lacked a father or their figure was abusive or he wasn’t much of a father to them. These young ladies therefore grow up and an elderly man to be in relationship to fill up the  father gap in her life.

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