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The Real Difference Between Awure And Osole Money Ritual – Herbalist

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There are different types of money rituals and the kind of ritual determines the consequence attached to it.
money ritual
On the fourth episode of KOKO Docuseries, herbalist Prince Sunday Atoyebi Adetiloye speaks on the real difference between the two. It was here he revealed that there is a good money ritual that doesn’t involve the use of human parts but instead requires good behavior for it to work.
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He also stated that this kind of money ritual is called Awure and it is very different from Osole. In the case of Osole, you do not need good behavior, in fact, if you slap your customer today, tomorrow they will come back as if nothing happened.
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When asked what is the difference between Ogun Owo, Awure and Osole? he replied saying, If we are to look at the word deeply, A-wu-re it has to do with something that brings out good. If we look at it closely, if we are to pray for one they would say good money, good children, you’ll see that it’s money they first mentioned. The only means of making money is someone’s handwork but Awure has something and it’s the smallest of all, if it doesn’t have something involved it won’t work. An herbalist can’t do Awure and request or use someone’s destiny for you, he’s then taking it to another level of money ritual, he would also add good behavior to your Awure. Good behavior makes Awure work, if you misbehave to your customer today, he won’t come tomorrow. But if Oso is being done for someone, if he slaps his customer today, the customer will come back tomorrow. But Awure requires good behavior, it can also be referred to as charm that attracts customer with the help of your good behavior. But Oso is the opposite, it brings the customer back the next day, by force by fire. Oso might not involve human parts, it might just be animals, you know ingredients are more than themselves. You can recall I said someone brings money and tells you to keep it for them, the  person bringing the money might actually need the money but that is the work of Osole. You know we are dust and we are going back to dust, Osole has to do with the earth and once the person is still walking on the surface of the earth, this charm is still going to be effective. But Oso gbewa or Oso tutu; let’s say you’re in you’re in your house and someone bring a bag of money to you, that means it is involving human parts or one’s destiny already. That is the difference between the three.  Watch the video below;

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