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My Style: Kemi Opeifa Is The Melanin Chic Blogger With Classic But Contemporary Style

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Ope-Ifa Oluwakemi is a young Nigerian from Ogun state who lives in France. With over 10k active followers on Instagram Kemi is constantly serving fashion inspiration to her followers.
Oluwakemi Ope-Ifa
Oluwakemi Ope-Ifa

A look through the melanin style blogger’s page shows she is a lover of family and clean spaces. The beauty and lifestyle influencer’s also shares a few makeup tricks we think you would love to try. The Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger of kemislookbook speaks to KOKOTV about her love for fashion, beauty and her style inspiration.

  1. How would you describe your style?
    Classic, trend-driven and clean. I have an easy way about dressing, always well put together and chic. I stick very close to the basics!
  2. On weekends, you’re most often spotted wearing?
    My wardrobe mainly consists of white button-down shirts, jeans, blazers, little black dresses, and a fabulous trench coat or two.
  3. Which living person do you most admire, and why?
    My Mum definitely inspired my fashion style! I got several inspirations from reading fashion magazines and watching TV shows.

    "Plastic Surgery Improves Someone's Life", Ope-Ifa Oluwakemi Speaks On Her Style And Love For Makeup
    “Plastic Surgery Improves Someone’s Life”, Ope-Ifa Oluwakemi Speaks On Her Style And Love For Makeup
  4. Who is your fashion, beauty and style icon?
    Rihanna because she looks great in everything.
  5. What was your style like as a teen?
    As a teen, my style was more on the minimalist side. I had an obsession with pencil skirts, I used wear them every day with everything.
  6. What’s your go to make-up trick?
    I use my fingers to apply my foundation for sheer coverage and a brush for medium to full coverage.
  7. What is your make-up bag essential?
    Primer, brow pencil, concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, neutral eye shadow, lipstick and cleanser.
  8. What’s your shoe of choice? Heels? Wedge? Platform? Flatties?
    All of them but flatties got to be my favourite. Comfort over everything.
  9. What event do you have the hardest time getting dressed for?
    I have the hardest time getting dressed for weddings. I literally would spend the entire day to get ready.
  10. What is your daily beauty regime?
    On a daily basis, I make sure to remain consistent with my face wash and moisturizer.
  11. What accessory is it that you cannot live without?
    I need a good, strong and stylish bag to carry around all my things.
  12. How long do you spend doing your make-up yourself?
    About 15 – 20 minutes
  13. What’s the cheapest and most expensive thing in your make-up bag?
    The cheapest would be my brow pencil and the most expensive my foundation.
  14. Is there anyone’s hair and make-up you admire?
    Tika Sumpter, her hair and make-up is to die for.

  15. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
    Rihanna, I am madly in love with her.
  16. Favourite perfume and make-up brand?
    Lancôme, especially their fragrance la vie est belle.
  17.  Favourite way to travel?
    By Air but I must confess that I hate airports.
  18. Favourite clothing store?
    I love clothes from Zara.
  19. What is your best style advice?
    My best style advice would be “embrace your shape” once you know which silhouettes flatter you, you would be able to filter trends effortlessly.
  20. Who is your favourite designer?
    I LOVE John Galliano! His designs are always feminine and full of attitude.
  21. What are your opinions on cosmetic surgery?
    The idea of it doesn’t bother me at all. If it can improve someone’s life and make them feel comfortable with themselves, more power to them.

    Photo Credit: Ope-Ifa Oluwakemi
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