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Movie Review: ‘Man Of God’ Is An Example Of A Bad Nollywood Movie

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One movie that sheds light on some religious teaching that are actually not right is this amazing film right here, Man Of God produced and directed by Bolanle Austen Peters.man of god
The movie cast includes Akah Nnani, Atlanta Bridget Johnson, Ayo Mogaji, Dorcas Shola Fapson, Jude Chukwuka, Osas Ighodaro, Mawuli Gavor, etc. Man Of God centers around a young man named Samuel who comes from a religious home as his father is a pastor. While his father wants him to walk in the way of the Lord, Samuel has his heart set in the world and coupled with the strict way his father handles him, he decides to rebel and leaves home. Now the people he meets out there, how he maneuvers his path and where he lands at the end of the day is the core of this film. The movie draws its theme from love, religion, family, betrayal, and revenge.
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So lets dig in; first there can’t be a movie without a script right, so lets talk about the storyline. The storyline of this movie has no graph, there is nothing like it’s going up then it came down, this graph didn’t even move because there were too many loopholes, my God. It’s as if they expected the audience to fill the blanks that came up. For instance, after Joy and Teju graduated and left Samuel behind in school because of his carryover, what made Teju come back, how come all of a sudden she started staying with him and helping him. It was stated that Joy had gone for her NYSC, did how come Teju didn’t go, that gap was just too obvious. When he was broken, all of a sudden Teju the jobless graduate was there? please give us a break. Secondly, what was the sound engineer (Pastor Zach) doing in the Pastor Samuel‘s house with his wife, is his wife his assistant, or what? Thirdly, what was Bolanle Austen Peters doing in the movie, was that also part of the script, if it was, it was a bad addition because, this movie could have been better without that part. We can go on and on about the loopholes in the script, but lets move. Coming down to the characterization, the lead cast Samuel played by Akan Nnani was under played, like played below expectation, the role was not maximized to its full glory (lol). In terms of delivery, expression, intonation, carriage, this role was definitely not for Akan, maybe a Daniel Etim-Efiong could have killed this role but Akan didn’t do justice to it at all.
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Another person who didn’t deliver in the movie Man Of God was Prince Enwerem (Pastor BJ), his delivery was kind of one and off and that scene where Samuel confronted him about the whereabouts of Joy, that turn was as fake as fake its self. We definitely have to ask what did Lilo Aderogba do in this movie, if you didn’t know, she was the lady that came to tell Pastor Samuel that he has a visitor who turned out to be his brother. Yes, that lady, even her walk in was not good to put it lightly. Nollywood is not for all BBNaija stars and most of them need to know this. But one sect that did justice to their role was Osas Ighodaro (Teju), Eucharia Anunobi (rev. Mrs Gift Asuquo) and Dorcas Shola Fapson (Rekya). They literally ate up their roles in ace. Now lets talk about the costume and make up, while the make up was good, the costume had us confused, because today, Teju is all tuban and bubu gown and tomorrow she is chic business class woman, come on. Pastor Samuel‘s costume could have been better to hone in his character because those Ankara suits and gold chains did absolutely nothing for him. Now the musicality was very bad, I mean, what was Samuel singing, Bolanle Austen Peters needs to be able to draw the line when it comes to knowing when she is doing a stage play and when she is shooting a movie, because this movie can pass for a stage play. Every song was definitely not on point and that affected the flow of catharsis; it just killed the mood and emotions, especially the scene where the brothers reunited, come on.  The errors and inconsistencies in the movie Man Of God is too much that it makes one wonder out loud. Yes, they got the portrayal of the typical Nigerian church service and how the church has become a business but we get confused once again when we think of the way they time travel in this movie. Lets look at when they were in school, Samuel was sending emails on a desktop computer, what era was the movie set in? because in one scene its like they are in the 90s, then next its like they are back in 2000s. This is one of the things the costumes did help with at all.
Final Thoughts
We can go on and on and keep talking about everything that went wrong in this movie but one of the many solutions that can be adopted is firstly; have the right cast, and script. Secondly, don’t shoot a movie like its a stage play, we are in the cinema, our house, etc, not in the theatre watching the film. The movie Man Of God gets a 3/10 because Nollywood has definitely passed this stage, but a big weldone to the entire cast and crew, we hope for better productions.
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