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Movie Review: The Movie ‘Slate’ Is Another Nollywood Film That Needs A Lot Of Work

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The movie Slate had everyone at the edge of their because for a movie with such a powerful storyline the ending has to be with.
nancy isime

Produced by Nollywood bundle of talent Ruth Kadiri, the movie Slate features, Belinda Effah, Nancy Isime, Pere Egbi, Kachi Nnochiri, Tonia Okojie, and others. To start with, the storyline of this movie will leave you lost in deep thoughts and mesmerized by the malleable nature of man.

Looking at the theme of love, forgiveness, and sacrifice the storyline captures it well, centering on two sisters, Funmi (Nancy Isime) and Shade (Belinda Effah), and how they prove their love for one another. While Funmi was raped, and shot by a robber five years ago, in the present Shade goes and falls in love with the same guy unknowingly.
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How the two sisters maneuvered this situation and how they both learned that love is deeper than just sacrifices and money, comes into play. Once again, the movie Slate has a very unique storyline, and the fact that it succeeds in climbing up the graph and coming down at the right time, makes us say kudos to the scriptwriter.
Of course, a storyline as powerful as this, needs capable and able actors to portray the intended role well, and the actors in this movie ate up their roles individually. To start with, if you were not a fan of Belinda Effah, watching her in this movie will endear her to you the more. Playing the role of Shade, she bodied the role of a younger sister who loves and cherishes her other sister but also wants to have the experience romance with her love interest. Another star of this movie is Nancy Isime, she revealed why she is referred to as one of the new generations of Nollywood actresses because in terms of vocal range, flexibility, portrayal of emotions, delivery, she checked all these boxes and more, my God. One person who is worth applauding is Pere Egbi, from being a BBNaija star to actor, he did really well.
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He was Akan, the robber who raped Funmi, but later gave his life to Christ. His portrayal of a Christian brother was just beautiful. In fact, the cast, in general, is worth applauding. Coming to the costume and makeup, they did well, but let’s talk about Nancy Isime’s hair, she literally carried one hair from the beginning to the end, like even after they showed six months later, she still had on the same hair, come on, are we still shooting movies with this kind of mistake.

Another low point of this movie was the musicality, the music director should have just stuck to playing Nigerian or American love and sad songs because no one knows what they were singing in this movie, at all. Again the sex scene; are people still shooting sex scenes where they show the man’s legs in between the lady’s legs, and the next picture we see is the man’s head beside the woman’s head, as she moans. The sex scene in this movie was terrible with a capital T, we have seen better Nollywood sex scenes, this just threw Nollywood back, 20 years. The cinematography and photography are just there, but it could have been better. Irrespective of the cons of this movie, the fact that the ending is perfect scores it more points.
slate the movie
Final Thoughts
Generally Slate is a movie that dwells on the emotional development of humans and how they cope with situations around them. This movie gets a 5/10 because there are a lot of things that can be better, but the direction of the storyline raises the bar.

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