Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Meet Mahogany Geter, The Pretty Model Won’t Amputate Her Leg Even Though It Adds 44kgs To BBodyweight

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A disabled fashion model has spoken of the abuse she got from trolls who would tell her to amputate her leg which adds 7st to her body.

Mahogany Geter, 23, and from the US, was born with lymphedema, a long-term condition where excess fluid collects in the body’s soft tissue, causing swelling on her left side.

She said despite being flooded with “ignorant” comments about the way she looks, she has “had no choice” but to rise above their nastiness.

She now shows off her disability with empowering photoshoots on Instagram while also raising awareness about her condition on YouTube and other social platforms.

Mahogany, who was diagnosed shortly after being born, can only try to alleviate the pain caused by her condition as there is currently no cure for it.
At its largest, Mahogany’s leg adds 100lb (7 stone) to her 300lb (21 stone) total bodyweight.

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What she can do to make to minimise the swelling is a routine of physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage massages.

Despite her difficult journey, Mahogany hasn’t given up and is determined to make a name for herself in the fashion industry, with her mum, Timika, supporting her every step of the way.
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Mahogany, the eldest of three sisters, said: “My mum was so worried when I was diagnosed but we have got through everything together. As a child I never felt pretty, I used to think God had cursed me. I felt ugly, like a freak of nature and cried in private so many times.

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“Then I decided that I was given this condition because I am emotionally strong and I can handle it. Since then I have been learning to accept and celebrate myself. I want to inspire other people to celebrate their differences. I now believe I am beautiful on the inside and out. I’m proud of what my body can do.”

Cruel trolls try to mock Mahogany with comments telling her to “amputate her leg so she will look better” but she has learnt to ignore them.
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Mahogany said: “I have had my fair share of ignorant comments, one person told me my leg looked like a ham roll and one girl at school called me a deformed b***h. It has been so hard to rise above these mean people but I have no other choice. For the longest I felt so low about myself but once I got older and with loads of support from the online lymphedema community and my mum who is my inspiration, she is so strong, I realised how beautiful I am. Not only looks but as a person.

“It means I can try my best to inspire other people to accept themselves and see how beautiful they are.”

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On good health days Mahogany likes to stay active with her physiotherapy and creating TikTok and Instagram content on her page lymph.goddess23 where she has over 8,000 followers.

She said: “People have been so nice and supportive of me online. It isn’t all trolling and negativity. I have met so many people online who keep me company on this health journey I am on. I’m not currently working as I am focusing on getting my leg better. I spend a lot of time drawing, listening to music and posting content on my YouTube channel.”

Day to day Mahogany manages her condition with massage, compression dressings and physiotherapy. She drinks lots of water to flush out her system and has to avoid salty foods and alcohol.

Unfortunately, Mahogany can suffer with flare ups of cellulitis, a painful skin infection caused by the swelling. Often she is hospitalised for treatment with antibiotics.

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