Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lifestyle: Avoiding These Foods Will keep You Forever Young

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Many of us don’t know how true the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is. Research shows that there is a reason your skin always acts up when you eat some certain kinds of food. Cutting them out entirely may not be feasible but moderation should be your watch word. It might surprise you to know that some food are capable of ageing you physically because of the way they are digested in their excess form. Here are five common foods that you should watch how you consume
Sweets: When people consume more sugar than their cells can synthetize, excess sugar molecules bond with proteins and activate a process that can affect the skin collagen (the protein that keep the skin compact and youthful). In addition, as it is widely known, sugar damages teeth causing tooth decay and discolouration.
Alcohol: When your liver is functioning well, toxins that could potentially affect the skin are expelled naturally through your body. But if toxins build up in your liver, and aren’t broken down properly, your skin can develop a variety of issues, like acne, sallowness, and wrinkles. Alcohol is also bad for your sleep because it is dehydrating. Inadequate sleep is linked to wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and reduced skin elasticity.
Charred Meat: Are you a fan of the popular Suya, research shows that black chars on grilled meat contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, which could cause the collagen of your skin to be damaged. You don’t necessarily need to avoid barbecuing, but, in any case, you should make sure you scrape off the black chars and clean the grill when you’re finished.
Spicy Food: Spicy food aggravates rosacea (blotches) and could do damage during menopause, when blood vessels in the skin are more reactive. You should not necessarily avoid consumption of spices, but it is recommendable not to eat them if you don’t want to suffer from spider veins, puffiness and redness.
Processed Meat: Sausages, bacon, minced meat and so on fall under this category. Many of these meats have sulfites and other preservatives, which can trigger inflammation in the skin, and accelerate the appearance of ageing. They also tend to contain large amounts of salt.
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