Kim And Kanye’s Show Off Their Architectural Masterpiece Home In Featured Tour

Kim and Kanye’s house tour with Architectural digest is the definition of a master piece. The couple opened the doors to their beautiful home for the march issue of the magazine. The couple in an interview for the magazines publication spoke on how their Carlifonia Mansion was their dream home and everything they ever wanted.
 Kim And Kanye's Beautiful Mansion With Architectural Digest
Kim And Kanye’s house tour Beautiful Mansion With Architectural Digest
The power couple first stumbled across their carlifonia mansion when they weren’t yet living together, and for Kim, it was love at first sight. “It was my dream home. [Kanye] said, ‘I like it,’ and to him, ‘I like it’ was like ‘Oh my god he loves it’ because he doesn’t really like anything,” Kim said in AD‘s Design Quiz video, “That’s my speciality, not liking stuff,” Kanye added with a smirk. With help from interior designer Axel Vervoordt, Kim and Kanye transformed their home into an airy cream, beige, and gray color scheme.

A lot of people wonder how such a pristine environment could possibly be kid-friendly, but the parents confirmed that many of their design decisions revolved around their Kids and they are the inspiration for all of our designs now moving forward,” Kanye said.

North West Bed Room
North’s Bed Room

In Kim and Kanye’s house tour with Architectural Design the Sexy Mum of 4 also spoke on how much she loved the bathroom of their home for it’s clean, pure and stainless feel which highlights the Belgian Monastery idea they had in mind.  The Video also has a cameo from their daughter North West who speaks about some of her favorite things to do at home.
PhotoCredit: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram

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