Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Killer Wife Claimed Alligator Ate Her Husband Only To Be Exposed For Murder When She Started Dating His Best Friend

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A wife claimed an alligator ate her husband before she was exposed as the mastermind behind his murder who had been dating his best friend. Callous Denise Williams convinced everyone her husband Mike Williams had been killed in a tragic hunting accident as she plotted to get a $1.75million life insurance payout.The 49-year-old was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder after it emerged she was having an affair with Mike’s best pal Brian Winchester. Winchester testified that he had an affair with the married woman and shot her husband in December 2000. Dad-of-one Mike, 31, was pushed from his boat and shot point blank in the face during a hunting trip on Lake Seminole, in Florida, nearly 18 years ago to the date of his wife’s conviction.Denise then reported him missing to police – sparking a huge search effort. Volunteers found his truck and started scouring the alligator-infested murky waters for a body. It was speculated he had drowned and his body had been devoured by the enormous reptiles. As time passed and nothing was found, Denise Williams ultimately received $1.75 million in life insurance payments, including a $1 million policy that Winchester himself had sold Mike Williams.Winchester went on to marry Denise Williams but their relationship eventually soured. Suspicions about the alligator attack were raised by Mike’s mum Cheryl who began to think he had been murdered. She had been told by wildlife experts that alligators don’t feed in the cold winter months. If they do hunt, they tend to stash the kill for eating later. The experts added alligators wouldn’t eat a while body because their metabolism slows down when it’s cold. Cheryl also knew Mike was an expert hunter and so thought it unlikely that he’d fall into the murky waters.The truth about the calculated murder unravelled as holes in Denise and Winchester’s story were revealed. Denise applied for Mike’s insurance money before the search for his body had even been called off. And Winchester said he’d been 60 miles away when Mike went hunting, but a witness put him nearby. But it wasn’t until the murderous couple finally divorced in 2012 that the truth of their evil scheme surfaced. Winchester, who repeatedly tried to win her back over the next few years, was arrested for hiding in the back of Denise’s car and threatening to kill them both when she got in. Police questioned the pair and used their rift to turn them against each other which eventually led to Winchester revealing the truth about Mike. He later helped authorities find his best pal’s buried body in 2017.Photo Credit: Getty

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