Khadija Amin-Ibrahim Is The Vibrant & Stylish Modest Mum To Be

Welcoming a little cute bundle of joy into your family is one of the most beautiful and amazing things in the world. It also involves a lot of prepping for the journey ahead as life will never be the same. Modest style blogger Khadija Amin-Ibrahim was going to be a mom and she decided to share her journey to motherhood with the rest of the world.

For this faith, beauty and lifestyle creator becoming a mom in the middle of a pandemic was the ray of sunshine in the midst of gloomy clouds. She decided to share the ray of sunshine with everyone and took us on an exciting journey to motherhood. For this new mom she definitely had to document this whole new experience and take everyone through it as well. A major part of thisĀ bump journey forĀ  Khadija Amin-Ibrahim was her clothes and all she wanted was for her clothes to be as comfortable as possible even with a baby bump. She wanted clothes that were easy to pull off.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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