Thursday, September 28, 2023

Five Nigerian Pastors That Have ‘Cheated’ On Their Wives…The Third One Will Shock You

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Nigerian pastors are often times held in a high position in the country. This majorly is because of the level of religiousness and piety in Nigeria, everyone loves the man after God’s own heart. But what then happens when the man after God’s heart is wrapped up in a messy situation that God clearly forbids? Who should the supporters of the pastors and the lovers of God believe? What should be done? Over the years, different Nigerian pastors have been accused of cheating on their wives with either a member of their congregation or someone outside the church. Many of these cases are usually swept under the carpet and said to be inconclusive with most being not enough evidence against them. Recently, popular Nigerian pastor Joshua Iginla has also been found right in the center of one of these such cases and the result, of course, is the internet going agog and the drama being very messy. In light of this, we are going to be looking at five Nigerian pastors who have been caught up in an ugly cheating scandal and the situation of the allegations.1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: The popular pastor and the darling of many churchgoers because of his very unique style and preachings was caught up in a much-publicized scandal. Chris who officially divorced his wife, Anita on the 8th of February, 2016 was accused of infidelity. As incredible as it was, the popular pastor who together with his wife was a religious power couple parted ways over that. Anita levied various allegations at him stating that he practiced adultery and she would not have a part in that. This led to the couple splitting after which the 55-years old pastor suffered a major blow in his ministry and was removed from the board of trustees of his own church. 2. Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe: In 2013, Chris Kwakpovwe’s ex-wife Dolapo dragged him to court for adultery. She accused him of having an affair with his secretary Ejiro and fathering a child out of wedlock. Chris went on to marry Ejiro who then became Mrs. Flora Ejiro Kwakpovwe. In 2017, Rita Ibeni a member of his Ministry claimed that Kwakpovwe made sexual advances at her and shared telephone conversations of him professing his love and his interest to have a sexual relationship with her. She claimed that he did the same to someone before and she is not the first. His church, however, came out to deny it saying that the voice recordings in no way sounded like that of Bishop Chris.

3. Pastor Timothy Ngwu: Pastor Timothy Ngwu of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity was also involved in a very messy scandal. He was accused of impregnating 20 teenage members of his church after which he said he was directed by the holy spirit to do so. Timothy was said to have 13 children with five different wives and the mistresses God’s prophecy told him to acquire. He was said to have a continuous sexual relationship with married women, which he refuted by saying he never had such unless their husbands and the holy spirit consented. Timothy’s wife finally had enough of his behaviors when he impregnated her niece. She had him arrested by the police and sought a divorce.

4. Apostle Suleman: Apostle Suleiman’s cheating scandal was very much a publicized affair, the whole of Nigeria was put into a frenzy because the “simple” cheating became a political issue. Pastor Johnson Suleman Johnson was alleged to have cheated with Stephanie Otobo, a Canadian singer. She claimed he reneged on his promise to marry her after impregnating her and giving her a concoction to abort the pregnancy. The whole affair became very dirty as Festus Keyamo who represented Otobo made sure the situation was always in the news. Suleman dragged the police into the issue, Otobo was said to not have enough evidence, Otobo was scorned. She went on to challenge the police and said her images which she tendered as evidence against Suleman were not photoshopped. Apostle Suleman then went religious and said the affair is orchestrated by the Marine spirit and somehow the case died down with his wife supporting him firmly.5. Pastor Joshua Iginla: Unlike the rest of the accused pastors, Pastor Joshua Iginla’s situation is quite unique, he came out to confess and share situation updates himself. Joshua at one of his congregations revealed that his wife cheated on him before and he, in turn, cheated back! He shared that his wife and his genotype don’t match that of his children. His wife has, however, come out to deny the allegations, saying that they are his and that he cheated on her with a South African prophetess, Stella Zimasa Ndamase. The issue is currently on-going as we await how the messy drama would unfold! Photo Credit: Getty

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